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7 Quick Takes Friday


Another week has just flown by. My little girl is now 4 weeks old (as I type this, she technically has 10 minutes to go before being ‘official’). Spencer is settling down slightly. I don’t want to jeopardize myself saying that, but the last two days have had more good times than in the previous week. So here’s hoping. He still loves his little sister a lot. Still not asking for her to go back.


We had a major dump of snow last night that wasn’t predicted (or at least not in this quantity). To top it off, there was a nice slick layer of freezing rain underneath the foot of snow. It was slippery driving this morning, but we managed, even if no one was going over 30km (which for the most part was reasonable). Later on, Spencer played outside in the snow for about 45 minutes before we exchanged words and had to come in. In that time I shoveled the sidewalk and salted it. Yes, work. I actually managed to do some work. Physical work to boot. I feed children (as Spencer says, ‘My baby sister eat my mommy!’), watch The Sword of Truth series during down time, and facebook a lot, but darn it, I can carry some snow weight too.


Maybe you haven’t seen this video, but it’s killer! If you ever wanted to see JP II bring it down, you have to watch this video. Even if you didn’t know you wanted to, just watch it. It’s crazy that someone managed to put his words from different addresses into the song ‘Dynamite’. Sorry for the boring link – apparently the creator felt a need to disable the ’embed’ feature youtube offers which shows a catchy video box right here.


We survived Hallowe’en. I don’t know why we make such a big deal out of it – we only had 32 kids come to our place (even though our little area seems to have a ton of kids around) (and yes, I know, it’s more than many people get these days) and 3/4 of the houses in our area don’t hand out candy or participate.

Anyway, here are some individual shots of the kids’ costumes:

Little Yoda in da house

A firefighter actually drove his engine into out house. Apparently lost a wheel along the way…


‘Wow,’ you might be thinking, ‘how on earth did you find the time and energy to crochet an amazing Yoda costume?! You must be a spectacular mom!’ Before you continue with such flattery and I continue to be fawned, I must tell you that I did not make it. I did have a gracious and extremely excited friend back in Ontario email me a couple weeks prior Hallowe’en asking if I had looked at any of the really really cute baby costumes on pintrest (I hadn’t, but proceeded to) and that she could literally make time to make one for Cassia, if I wanted. So in two weeks, my friends, she made this stunning crochet Yoda costume for my little girl and managed to send it to us in time for the festivities. I am still astounded. And very grateful. Cassia would not have been dressing up otherwise, and she sure looked cute. She might just wear the costume on occasion ‘just because.’


Earlier I mentioned that Spence and I were outside today in the snow. In case you were still under the impression that I know what I’m doing in the Mom department, catch this: we’ve now had snow for several weeks. I’ve known, since the end of this past winter, that Spence’s boots would not fit into another winter. I’ve had numerous occasions in which to purchase him warm boots that fit, but every time I talk myself out of it. Therefore, he is still wearing his rain boots as snow boots. And every time we come into the house (or he kicks off his boots in the car), his feet are wet, cold, and filled with snow. I know part of that is just being a kid that that’s what happens. But there is much less of a chance of that happening it you’re properly outfitted for the weather. There’ll be nothing better later in life when I have to explain to him that he lost his toes to frostbite not because we got caught in a blizzard, but because Mommy needed another latte and another episode of The Sword of Truth.


I’m stuck for anything else on my mind right now. Hope you have a lovely, mostly-snow-free weekend!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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