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Inconsequential Things

I have a lot of smaller thoughts running through my mind, some of which keep me up too late or wake me up at 4am over. And really, they’re mostly just inconsequential items.

Firstly, there are a number of photos I want to share, since apparently the camera has made more of a debut in the past week or so than most weeks.

He tells me that he doesn’t like avocados…

He loved Godspell, until close to the end when the funny scenes died away. I’m so proud of him!

One of the two cakes I made for our Carnival.

He looks so old in this photo! He just keeps growing and growing…. (photo courtesy of Andy)

I think our ice tray is trying to kill us with stab-y concoctions. Good thing it melts.

After he put Spencer to sleep, he made me a hot fudge spooncake for Mother’s Day. It was absolutely delicious! And wonderfully appreciated!

Two pinholes in tinfoil on the evening of the eclipse gave us pictures of the sun with a crescent in it from the moon crossing it. I don’t really think Spencer understood, but we can say he witnessed it.

The day before his buzz cut. His hair was a little unruly.

In other news, Confirmations at our parish take place this week, so Andy’s been running around like crazy and spending many hours working on things. The first time’s always the worst in prep. Next year will be much easier in the planning process for him. It has, however, meant that he’s hardly home evenings anymore until this is over with. It’s been a bit rough on Spencer (and me). Just tonight he kept asking ‘Where Daddy?’ And when we prayed for Andy and his work tonight during prayers, he started tearing up. We’ll both be glad when we can have our man back with us more evenings.

I finished reading ‘The 5 Love Languages’ by Gary Chapman. I found it really helpful. Online he has an assessment questionnaire to help you figure out which love language resonates with you. Mine is definitely quality time. Which is also a reason that not having Andy around lately has been rough. I’m thankful for the book; in looking at a number of marriages of people I know (even distantly), I see how this book could really help to build up the bond between the couple. Andy’s still reading it (I got ahead of him by finishing it), so it’s also going to provide good fuel for us to talk about and see how we can serve each other better. I like how the book emphasizes that relationships are about serving each other. That really resonates with me.

I’m halfway through the pregnancy! I’m stunned at how quickly it’s going by, but it’s also very exciting. Four and a half months left. It’s a little daunting, but I’m very much looking forward to meeting this babe.If you missed it on facebook, here’s a photo of my ultrasound last week:

Hope your week’s started off on the right foot!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Jenn

    Aw poor Spencer missing his daddy! Hope the Confirmation goes very well. I love the look of that book. Looks like something Alan and I can benefit from in preparation for our wedding next year. Thanks and hope your mind calms down. Hugs to you all xxx

  • Travis

    Awesome pics! These were definitely not inconsequential things! Spencer missing his dad shows that he is a good father so be proud! God bless to all four of you!

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