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7 Quick Takes Friday



As everyone can testify, we have a new pope! Crazy, exciting & unexpectedly early in the conclave. Those are the words that come to mind when I think of how I was feeling when I heard the news.

Do you remember where you were at when the news hit the public eye? Over at Hot Cup of Ministry, we’re having a joint venture with the SportsFathers to talk about this amazing event, and we want to hear what your reactions were when you heard the news! Interested in sharing? You can


We bought a new-to-us car. Pontiac Vibe. 2009. Pictures will follow once we have less snow (it snowed a good foot over the past day and it’s still coming down). We’ve had it since yesterday morning. I sure like how well it drives. Apparently it’s a relief to drive a car that I’m sure won’t randomly die on me at any moment with two kids in the back.


Car shopping really takes a toll on our energy. Andy and I are both exhausted. And the kids are too. I’ve discovered that Cassia is no longer sleeping well in the car seat, which makes most activities out of our house more frustrating, cause I know she won’t get a nap anymore. She sleeps fine in her crib, but anywhere else is a ‘I-don’t-think-so-Mummy’ from her. Oh well. Maybe it’s just a phase.


Our place is a disaster. My friend Jacqui was supposed to come over for coffee this morning, but she couldn’t get her van out of the parking spot due to the snow. I was sad and disappointed (what can you do?). However, now she doesn’t get to see how much of a pigsty we can really live in when all things are neglected while in search for a car. I feel like I can hardly walk from living room to computer room without knocking something over or stepping on something. It’s a humbling experience when friends see how horrible your place looks and are still willing to a) be friends and b) come over again the next time.


I’m starting to get back into my garden planning. Yes, even with the foot of snow. I bought a little greenhouse stand with 4 shelves for outside. We really have no room to start seedlings inside this year, so this seemed like a viable option. I also bought some stakes from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and I’m hoping that I might be able to build a short fence with them for the garden. I love this ReStore – it’s much bigger than any I’ve encountered before and it has a lot of good items that I’m gonna need for this garden! I’m excited to be planning this garden with reused items!


We will also be investing in a worm composting system. From all that I’ve read, they are scent-free and work through compost in as quickly as 2 weeks. Given that we haven’t much room for a bigger outdoor compost, and they can be housed inside during winter, this is a great option for us to have some good compost!


Tonight we dine on fish & chips! I’m tired, but it’s going to be delicious, even with the little extra work that it needs. Tomorrow is Saturday and we will be transferring all the stuff from the Cavalier to the Vibe and dealing with the snow. Tonight will be for fun!

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