Life with children is not always what we imagined, pre-children, what it was cracked up to be. I know I had a very different idea(s) about what I would do when I had kids. I’ve since learned to (mostly) shut my mouth about what I think I know. But it doesn’t mean that parenting is any easier. I started this “Happiness is…” project to remind me of the good that happens in my weeks with the kids. It’s not that it’s necessarily hard to find the good, but I often forget. To use a well-used analogy, I can’t see the forest for the trees and the good can get lost in the bad. While the bad stuff keeps happening (as it always will – one more peanut buttered head, or milk spilled on the floor, or pumpkin plants cut up to pieces), I can look joyfully at my pictures to remind me that our happiness keeps happening too. Sometimes it’s about the kids, and sometimes it’s about a moment of joy in the cleanliness of a counter. Or an early bedtime and some free time. Whatever it is, it’s a little piece of happiness I can reflect back on. Welcome to the Happiness project.

  • Happiness is… (vol 28)

    Going to a Harry Potter release party after 9 years since the last one. Have you no doubt: geek am I. But only in regards to dearest Harry, and some LOTR, but that’s…

  • Happiness is… (vol 26)

    Being nearly-2 and loving looking at the world through a different perspective. This girl. She gets me every time. We have been having a full sort of month here… I’m very excited to…

  • Happiness is… (vol 25)

    Tea on the deck. Not many more days of this left before winter hits. Loving being able to enjoy these moments. Even if they end up being short. What’s your happiness today?