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7 Quick Takes Friday


I feel super empowered because I have had not just one, but THREE outings this week! Tuesday we went to Mom’s Morning Out at the church, which was Holy Yoga (and I still have sore spots from that one though I certainly wasn’t pushing myself). Wednesday I actually had the audacity to walk somewhere. It wasn’t exactly what I had in mind, a bus would have been much more warm and possibly quicker, but we walked 15 minutes to the polling station for municipal elections. And of course the nice large stroller was still tucked neatly into the back of the car, which Andy had, so I wore Cassia in her wrap and took Spud in the single stroller. All I have to say to that is a huge THANK YOU to all the people who had the graciousness of heart to shovel their sidewalks after the snowfall. You made voting for this mama possible. My third outing was this morning; we headed up to a friend’s place to hang for part of the morning. Three outings a week might be setting myself up for disaster…


While my mom was here, we started a very awesome project that is nearly complete. When Spencer was baptised, he wore the baptismal gown that I was baptised in, which was knitted by my grandmother for me. I intended for the gown to be given to him when/if he has a family when he grows up. This left me with the dilemma of trying to find something that will be just as meaningful for other children whom we have. This was when I decided that I would give up my wedding dress to create baptismal gowns out of for future children. I will never wear it again, so rather than it just sit in a closet and look nice, it will be re-purposed into new clothes for baptismal gowns. This was our project. All that’s left now are sewing buttonholes and buttons, then hemming it. Hurray! Cassia will have her own baptismal gown made from the dress I wore when I married her daddy. I love the symbolism of it!


Speaking of said dress, I tried it on one last time before we started cutting. Would you believe, it actually sits slightly bigger on me? I attribute it to the weight I lost while bearing Cassia, which I will gain back around the 6 week mark (if things unfold as they did with Spencer).


Know what I love? When there are 50%-off sales of whipping cream. It sure makes a very cheap way to make unsalted butter and buttermilk!


Snow. It’s here. It’s cold enough that it might stay. Spencer and Andy made a snowman the day it came, which was very cute. I’m feeling overly organised about winter outerwear this year – it was all accessible and easy to find. This, of course, was not intentional, but it sure had the same effect.


We are hosting a housewarming & meet Cassia party tomorrow afternoon for friends who have not yet had a chance to see our new digs or meet the girl. Which is all of about 5 people. I am making jalapeno bacon poppers and am super excited to eat them tomorrow. The rest of the appies are going to be simple (chicken wings, bread, cheese, delicious specialty balsamic vinegar…), but tasty.


Spencer has recently tried to give up his nap, which was not warranted. He was a miserable little boy from about 5pm onwards when he did manage to swindle himself out of a nap. My loving solution? Telling him the he is not allowed to not have a nap, and if he tries it again, he’ll be locked in his room until daddy comes home. Without his cars (to play with). He’s been grumbling, but napping, since. I’m glad, because it’s my only time during the day to nap and re-set myself.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Kathleen

    Wow! We had 15 degrees yesterday in Toronto (we were both there at conferences), but are told Brockville made it to 21! I can`t wait for snow – new boots and jacket only got worn once before at the end of last season.

    Awesome projects too!

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