7 Quick Takes Friday


37 weeks and counting! And just to give some clue into how big one can get during this time, here are some photos over the past week and a half or so. I’m also trying to keep track to see if I can visibly see when baby drops.

September 3rd
September 7th
September 8th
September 9th
September 13th


Andy’s mom has been here all week helping to watch Spencer so that I could get some unpacking done. She has been such a God-send! Apart from a few more meltdowns than normal, he’s done pretty good with having someone else care for him while I’m still in his vicinity. It’s a good thing Grandma likes reading books, cause he’s definitely taking advantage of that as much as possible! I’m still amazed at how much this kid can read. It’s almost more than I do…


On the note of having help around, I am finally making good progress on that spare room, which is such a relief! I can actually picture it as a room again, and not just a junk drop. As my brother indicated to me on a status on facebook, “or possibly, as you get deeper into the room, turn into a snowy forest???” That’s really how bad it was – could hardly see past the piles of boxes! Unfortunately, I haven’t found any snowy forest yet. It’s a little disappointing.


I canned peaches this week and made peach butter, which I can tell you is absolutely amazing. Apart from often forgetting either the order of events or skipping a step then regretting it slightly, it went really well. I had about 10 lbs to get through and only two went mouldy by the the time I got to them. I’m thinking of possibly making blueberry jam this weekend. It’s my dream to have a pantry full of blueberry jam. I sure love that stuff.


Andy and I went on a date last night. It was pretty crazy awesome! He had managed to swindle a gift card from some unsuspecting patron (I’m sure) earlier this year, so we headed to that restaurant for supper. I have to say, even though I’m gestational diabetic, I may have indulged. Just a little. The peanut butter chocolate cake that finished the meal off was dee-licious! We then went to go see Men in Black 3 at the cheap theatre. It was a pretty good movie, and I’m glad we spent the money on it (all $8). It was a good thing we were so full from supper; we couldn’t spare any room for popcorn. Sad truth, but probably better for my diabetes. And Andy’s belt line.


My friend Kate is coming over this weekend to whip our house into shape. Apparently she wants us there too, though. I’m looking forward to her help at organising some very disorganised areas in our place. Slowly, very slowly, this house is unpacking into our home. It feels really good to find proper places for the stuff. We are also shedding bunches of items that just don’t fit. We thought we did a good job before packing; it would seem we need more pruning still.


Whenever I’m outside I get to hear the crunch of the autumn leaves under foot, and I’m loving it. The leaves are changing, the temperature is moderately warm, the mornings are brisk, and the sun shines. I love this time of year!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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