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Last night I made homemade baby wipes for the first time. Friends of mine first introduced me to the idea a long time ago, which I was amazed at and then promptly forgot. I finally got around to re-thinking it after coming across some references to it on different pages on the web. I bookmarked a couple and went out and bought the supplies. These were the paper towels I bought from Superstore. I wanted to use something that seemed durable and seemed to absorb a lot. This was probably my first mistake. But there you have it.

I also bought two plastic containers. These, by far, were the most expensive part of the deal. The sites I read recommended a 7 cup container size. Well, I bought the 7 cup, and they wouldn’t fit the blighters. This is why I think it was a mistake to purchase the most absorbent/durable paper towels. If I had bought something more ‘normal,’ they likely would have fit. However, I found 14 cup containers that seemed to fit the width of my paper towels.

I took one paper towel roll and cut it in half. I then placed each half into a plastic container.

Then I gathered the supplies I already had on hand:

These included Calendula oil, Aloe Vera juice, Lavender Essential Oil, and Dr. Bronner’s soap (peppermint, cause that’s all I had). With exception to the last item, all had been previously purchased at New Directions, and online store that I’ve bought most of my ‘home-makey’ things from (I chose them because at the time the shipping cost less than others’ cause their warehouse was in the same province. The story may change now that we’ve moved across the country). The soap I purchased from some natural store in Ottawa. The amounts I used were such:

2 tbsp Calendula

2 tbsp Aloe Vera

many quick drops of lavender E.O.

a quick shave of soap (I’d amount the small shavings to perhaps a tsp or two)

I put these items together in a 4 cup measuring cup and added 4 cups of boiling water to them. I stirred. And I stirred. And that was when my memory kicked in to remind me that oil and water don’t mix. I’d like to blame it on the time (it was 10pm when I did this), or even the baby (still newborn), but I really know it’s just me. So this is where I think I mistaked again.

Then I poured all 4 cups into one container. OK, I’m altering the story a bit. I should have poured all 4 cups into one container. Instead, despite having to purchase a container double the size, I still was following the instructions for the original sizes, which said to split the water between the containers. So, I ‘fixed’ it and added more water to both, then put the lids on and flipped the containers upside down. What neither recipe mentioned was that this might be best to do over a sink rather than just the counter. Especially if you’re making changes to the recipe. I didn’t make too much of a mess.

And now this is what I have:

In case you’re wondering, that isn’t pee on the wipes. That would *ahem* be the oil.

So, if you can learn from someone’s mistakes, please learn from mine. I’m sure they’ll still work and do their job. Even if they don’t and I have to start over, it’s still a cheap experiment. I’ll keep you posted on how they’re working out.

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