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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


We have managed nearly a week without my mom helping out with the older kids as we continue to establish a ‘norm’ here in the Korvemaker household. And we haven’t had any major meltdowns yet either *crossing fingers*. I’m surprised; I expected either Andy or I to break down at least one of these past nights, but nopers. Not yet. Bonus!


I’m making a new friend! A couple houses down from us is another mom whose daughter is Cassia’s age. She’s expecting a newbie for November. We had them over for coffee this afternoon, and goodness, I have been pleasantly surprised at how similar we are, and we’ll have two kids in roughly the same age range.


So of the random things that we have in common:

  • completely desires natural births and is well informed about circumstances surrounding birth and what it takes to go au natural
  • trying to organically keep their lawn weed-free
  • makes soap at home
  • father is a pastor at a church

I’m thrilled she lives so close! I don’t know when I’ve made a new friend that seemed so well-suited so quickly! This is exciting, folks. As an introvert, I don’t make friends easily. This is kicks for me!


Felicity’s baptism is Sunday! I’m so excited. Thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, Sherry, who took the kids yesterday morning, I was able to finish hemming and getting the buttons onto Felicity’s baptismal dress. Ta da! 2014-06-05 22.38.052014-06-05 22.38.15


Andy’s suggestion for a ‘quick take’ is that his insomnia is back. We’re both not impressed. Andy suffered from some nasty insomnia before Spencer was born, then it seemed like the shock of not sleeping endless nights because of baby helped his body to remember that, ‘hey, sleep is actually good’ and he was able to sleep again. The insomnia started to come back again before Cassia was born, and she had the same effect on him. This time around, Felicity has had no effect on his sleeping patterns and they actually have gotten worse than before she was born. Boo. Usually he takes melatonin to help his body trigger sleep, but since he’s my 2am diaper-changer and other-kid-manager, being roughly knocked out from the melatonin doesn’t work for how we manage nights. So he reads stuff on his phone endlessly. And doesn’t sleep as well. He’s such an awesome husband to me. Thanks honey.


We had photos of little miss Felicity done this week, and I am sooo impatient to see them! They were just casually done – no photo props or set-ups. Mucho more our style here in our home. Maybe by next week I’ll have them. If not, then definitely by the following week. One way or another, I’ll be super excited to share some of them!


Andy’s parents are visiting with us for a couple days starting tomorrow (they’re here early for Felicity’s baptism). We are hoping (hoping!) to start leveling the ground where we will be building the shed this summer with them. Buuuuut I’m not convinced that the weather will be favourable for us this weekend for that type of work. Tonight is a low of 3 darned degrees. That’s almost frost, peeps! We should be beyond this by now, Mother Nature. Get your seasons right!

But at least we’ve been tornado-free. That kind of thing is for all the people in the south of the province (so far). I think overall I should just suck it up and be happy with the near-frost.

Happy weekending, everyone!

IMG_5192They managed to sit in the same chair and not fight for more than 1 minute. Hallelujah!

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