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7 Quick Takes Friday


Last weekend we had the joy of going on a short road trip to Regina to visit family for the long weekend. Despite being first dismayed that we’d be driving in a winter snow storm, and understanding that if the conditions grew too bad that by the halfway point we’d turn back home, we made it there. And while the wind was blowing terribly, the bonus was that it blew all the snow off the roads so we had completely clear roads all the way! We enjoyed our stay with them and will be seeing them again in two weeks for Cassia’s baptism.


While we were in Regina, overnight from Saturday to Sunday Cassia slept close to 6.5 hours (I think). While amazing to sleep so long, this is detrimental when it comes to milk supply. As in, waaaaaay over-abundance is built up. It led to me having a blocked duct, which is essentially milk that cannot come through one of the ducts and continues to pressurize. Pain. Severe pain. Sometimes a severely blocked duct can lead to mastitis. I think I nearly had mastitis, as by the afternoon I was feeling flu-like sickness and completely exhausted. I wore a hot water bottle on me most of the day. They say that if the symptoms don’t remain the same or get better within 24-48 hours, then go see a medical professional. Those were a mighty painful 48 hours. Thankfully it remained the same in severity and then slowly the flu-like symptoms started to disappear, and as of yesterday I had no pain. The whole process was 5 days, though. I don’t wish that on anybody.


Andy’s birthday was Wednesday. Guess which brilliant person woke up, took care of Spencer, and make pancakes for the great day? Well, it certainly wasn’t me because I forgot it was his birthday when I woke up. Nice present, eh? ‘Hey, why don’t you take care of the whiny child and make your own breakfast on your birthday? Does that sound like it’d be nice?’ Yeah. Fail. At least I remembered (about 45 minutes after finally getting up), and eventually made up for it with supper (not on Wednesday though), and brownies (which are forthcoming for today). Andy’s being extremely kind about it, stating that he likes this whole ‘birthday over several days’ thing.


Cassia’s baptism is only 1 week, 2 days away! I’m so excited! And I have to finish her baptismal dress. The buttonholes which perplexed me before are now intimidating me. I have options for making sure they get finished, but I need to just try to get it done as much as I can before having to search for alternative sewing machines to finish it. Her Godparents are flying in from Ottawa (hurray that they could actually make it!) next week; I’m sooo looking forward to visiting with them. It’s funny how at the prospect of seeing friends from afar I realise how much I’ve missed their company.


I have so many homemaking urges right now. I have a pile of materials that I bought after Christmas last year that I am just itching to sew into gift wraps. I have a hunk of material for making more cloth diaper inserts out of that I would really like to get used for that purpose soon. I have so many beauty products that I want to test quickly so that I can make them up for Christmas gifts….oh, the fun of making things from scratch! I can’t forget that I have to make Cassia a stocking for Christmas too…


Cloth diapers. I’ve decided to give them a try with Cassia while she’s still breastfeeding. I read on a number of sites that the poo from breastfeeding babes is water-soluble and doesn’t need to be pre-rinsed before washing. This was my problem with cloth diapering with Spencer – his poo was extremely sticky and stinky and, well, disgusting. I hated ‘dealing’ with the poo before washing. It eventually led to…er…hygienic problems,  so we stopped. But the prospect of just throwing them into the washer? That I can handle. So we try again, this time with more hope of success.


In case anyone out there is wondering, we pronounce our little girl’s name Cass-E-a (as Andy says, like ‘gassia’). The word is Greek (Κασσία or Kassia) and while some people prefer to pronounce it like ‘Russia’ (‘Casha’), we don’t. We’ve had some confusion over the past … well … since she was named, really. Nothing against the ‘Casha’s out there.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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