We haven’t quite found it yet – that thin balance between change and stability, but we’re slowly getting there. These weeks have flown by (she’ll be 3 weeks Friday!). A huge ‘Thank You!!’ to everyone who has offered us congrats, prayers, and well-wishes! We appreciate your thoughtfulness as we embark on this new adventure. And a huge big thank you to my mom, who flew out to help with our transition for two weeks. We miss you, and not just because of all the help you brought in yourself!

Here are some photos from these past weeks:

Checking out her little toes

Such a soft head!

Hanging out (there is a lot of that these days)

Her little cutie face she often makes

Proud big brother, now with a new haircut!

He loves holding her and giving her lots of kisses

This was his way of ‘playing’ with her. The balls just sat there. And he talked to her (I think).


Protective Daddy

Hoping you are having a lovely week!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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