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7 Quick Takes Friday



I finally went for the second glucose test. This morning. At 7am. I was 8th in line, so ultimately I received the glucose test at 7:30, which meant I was there until 9:30. It was a long, long time to sit, but at least this time I brought entertainment with me (yay books!). I read the bottle the liquid was in; it has 75g of glucose in it. It’s pretty sickly sweet. Two of the ‘adverse effects’ it warns of are nausea and vomiting. Yay. Luckily I didn’t get to that point with it, though this time around I didn’t feel too far off from the nausea. Next doctor’s appointment is Tuesday evening, so we shall find out if I have to draw blood 3 times a day or not :S


I’m really suffering the heat in the evenings, from about 6:30-9pm. It just gets really, really hot in here, and I don’t like it. I have no good fix, except more ice water (which, Andy can easily tell you, it looks like I have a mild addiction to).


Our house is still a mess. A complete mess. It’s driving me crazy, but I have no time to clean and sort it out, which is also just as frustrating. I do, however, have several meals made in prep for when the baby comes. I’m feeling a little less stressed about it now that I have about 4 different types of meals made that should last us about a week. I’m in the midst of making meatballs right now (I’m waiting for it to cool more before I bake them), and I’m planning on making lasagnas this week too. Oh, and stock, cause that chicken cemetery -is-, after all, taking up most of the freezer space.


I’m dreaming of margaritas right now. I could sure go for one, I mean, it combines sweetness, ice, and alcohol. Two out of those three I can’t have right now, which is a bummer. I’d like to be on the deck watching the sunset with a margarita in my hand. Epic.


The Perseid Meteor shower is this weekend! I’m excited, we randomly caught it one summer a few years ago and ever since I’ve wanted to watch it again. My plan involves stuffing the child into his car seat and making him sleep there while driving out of town late to a clear and open area (not hard to find in SK). My only concern, really, are the mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes. In fact, I wish I could have pet dragonflies that would just hover around me and protect me from those pests. That, my friends, would be sweet.


I had two people give nice conversations about my pregnancy in the grocery store tonight! Looks like more people are reading the Pregnetiquette article I linked to on facebook than I thought! Quite encouraging. One lady asked how much longer I had and whether I had any other children, then wished me all the best with everything, and another lady asked similar, then shared that she made homemade herbal salves for moms often (which I found very cool). Thank goodness at least some people have a sense of tact! I know I look like I could give birth at any time, but really, who’s the expert in this pregnancy – those people making rude comments or me and my doctor? Yeah, definitely not the people who think they’re so clever in their remarks and likely haven’t seen a pregnant woman up close while in her 8 or 9th month.


Who’s up for World Cup Women’s Soccer with me in 3 years?

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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