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Answer Me This3

1. Do you have a smart phone?

I do, but only because of my business, Mama Knows Best Natural Products. There is a super cool gadget that lets me read credit cards with an app for smart phones, and that is why I have a smart phone. I sure wanted a smart phone beforehand, but couldn’t justify it. I did have a texting phone that worked like awesome though.

I am adamantly against Apple stuff though, unless there is no other way around it. So I don’t have an iPhone. Mine is a super awesome Google phone though that I really love lots. nexus

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2. Which is your favourite meal of the day?

Breakfast. Absolutely without a doubt. I love eggs, and even though I can eat them anytime without feeling like I’m breaking meal norms, there’s something lovely about having eggs with a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Oh, and let’s not forget my favourite way to eat them: Eggs Benedict! With a slice of real ham?! Oh, goodness, we are getting egg-cited here…

3. Shower or bath?

Shower. I have this weird thing about baths: the tub has to be relatively freshly cleaned and I have to (usually) still have a shower first. Otherwise, how does it not feel like you’re sitting in a large bowl full of dirty water? I do enjoy baths, but only under the strictest conditions (I know, I know; I have some weirdness about me). Therefore, I enjoy showers more because they are efficient with my time.

4. Think of a person you love. How many days have you been in love with this person?

Well, that’s an interesting question. It was while Andy was on his internship year at St. Joseph’s Seminary and about a month before I broached the topic with him, so that would be sometime in December 2004. According to this calculation site, that would be 3470 days (or 9 years, 6 months and 1 day). Andy, were he to do this, would have less dates than that, as it wasn’t until the summer of 2005 that he came to this conclusion. Putz. I’ve been thinking of writing a post on how we met. Maybe I’ll consider it more.

5. What’s the best church you’ve ever been inside?

I’m so not the norm. I love the L.A. Cathedral. I can’t say I’m extremely experienced in churches, but I toured Europe and the UK and saw many beautiful churches. Even still having seen them, I love the art in the L.A. Cathedral, specifically the saints on the walls, images of the unseen among us who pray with us every time we do.

100_2364This is from our trip the summer of 2008 with our good friend (Fr.) Darryl Millette.
100_2371Apparently the artist used faces from everyday people in the L.A. area to depict saints. I like that idea.
100_2359Darryl & I looking utterly impressed…ok, I have no idea why we look so bored. But you can see all the saints looking forward like they’re with us praying.
100_2403One of my most favourite pictures of all. Jesus’ baptism. This picture is HUUUUGE, floor to ceiling. And it’s a tall ceiling.

6. Happy Feast of the Visitation! Has anyone ever come to help you?

Yes. Innumerable times. Since it’s most fresh in my memory, having my mom come for 2 weeks after Cassia’s birth, and with Felicity, she was here 1 week before and 2 after. Such a major help for us! Especially when trying to adjust to our new life with the little one, it’s been so helpful having her here to help take care of all of us. I don’t know how she does it, but I expect she’s exhausted now that she’s home.

Thanks Kendra for the link-up!

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  • jane

    Hmm, good question. I find the tapestries such a huge part of my whole experience of the Cathedral. I love the entrance way, that all are encouraged to enter and process together (reminds me of the Palm Sunday gospel reading of Jesus entering Jerusalem). Not so fond of the huge crucifix in the sanctuary area. I love love love the baptismal font (though I could do with less gated-ness of it) and the huge picture towering above showing the connection to Jesus’ baptism…
    I think I find that overall the space draws us into what really matters – we are here together as community to worship communally (entrance), we are all baptised into one faith (passing by the font), and we are a church of people seen and unseen who worship our God. The tapestries draw me forward and help me stand with others in our desire to be with and worship our God. I think of all the parts of the church that I don’t like it’s mostly to do with the discord of the sanctuary compared to the rest of the church. I do find that it draws me into a desire to communally celebrate Eucharist, which I think is what churches should do.
    I’m curious what it is that you don’t like in particular about that church, though 🙂

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