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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


Are you having a bad day? Quick, take a look at these photos:

2014-08-28 21.39.41mess on defunct dishwasher, and those are weeks-old eggshells in that bowl, in case you need to know
2014-08-28 21.39.48our counter space
2014-08-28 21.39.58cleanest area

Does your kitchen look like this? No? Then feel better about yourself, my friend. You’re not that bad. Let these pictures serve you to think, ‘well, at least my kitchen isn’t as bad as this one lady’s I saw on the internets today. I’m actually doing pretty good’ I will be that lady for you. Am I proud of it? Nope. Am I stressed about it? Nope. In fact, I just finished a bag of chipotle ranch chips and am going to head to bed after this post. It’s just one of those days.


Ever feel like things are going a little too swimmingly? Then you get a missed bill slapped in your face and all you can think is ‘craaaaaaaaaapppppppppps’. Hypothetically? Thankfully they don’t disconnect my internets after just 1 missed. I would cry.


I successfully left the house with three kidlets by myself on foot. We ventured to the new subdivision beside us (used to be a field) that has show homes open for viewing. I was curious enough to risk it with three kids.

Time was my friend, friends. We went when most normal people are still working, so there was no one else around looking. This made my time there much less stressful. And it was by blessed coincidence that it occurred this way. On our way out of the second last house a van pulled up and a party of people jumped out and rushed in the doors as we slid out of them. Near miss.

My favourite was this layout:

2014-08-28 21.40.35and it’s not because there was free keurig coffee with real cream for the freebs in this house2014-08-28 21.40.42The house has no garage on the front like it’s mooning the street. It’s a keeper!


We just had some friends visiting last night whom are from Ottawa. My, how I miss spending quality time with friends. We stayed up wayyyyyyy too late talking with them about everything that could pop into our heads. It has been much too long since we last conversed with friends in a meaningful way for longer than 1 hour. I am definitely looking forward to one day doing this on more occasions than once every 4 years…(does it happen when the kids get older? I don’t know…)


Is it wrong to want to stay up all night because it’s so silent? Andy’s gone to bed early because we stayed up too late last night, so I’ve had blessed silence for about 2 hours now. I have this urge to just stay up late and do nothing. Or bake. If my kitchen didn’t look like above, I’d probably make myself something nice, big, and chocolate. silence is golden.


Felicity is growing. The breastfeeding issues have largely subsided, but it’s not because we started using the bottle for her, like I last posted. Cause she said to us, in no uncertain terms, ‘no-effing-way’ to that sucker.

2014-08-20 20.00.26our little Goo Baby (so named by Cassia)

We tried everything to get her to take to the bottle. I didn’t know refusal on this level was possible. But I will tell you, it is stressful when you think she’s going to end up being hospitalized for not growing because she’s not a) breastfeeding enough b) bottle feeding any c) nor finger feeding (thank-you-very-much-no-thanks, she said).

She’s got a very little bit of chubs on her now, which is becoming of a baby. She’s growing longer (which was never the issue). I think the domperidone (or however that stuff is spelled) is finally working its magic and the fenugreek and blessed thistle aren’t hurting either. I’m so thankful that she seems to be gaining her weight now. Our doctor said to come back in a month cause she thinks it’s going better too, so yay. Very yay.


5k run. This year, will be a walk. Cause that run occurs the first weekend in September, which is apparently 9 days away now.

2014-08-21 15.29.46

inevitably, when Spencer grabs my phone to play with the camera, he always takes a picture of his feet. these feet will not be running..

Have I done any training? Well, I went for that walk through the show homes…(read: nope). What was I thinking? I was thinking I could totally train with a newborn. Well, even if people told me it wouldn’t happen, I now have the experience to back up their claims. Granted, if I hadn’t had 2 other kids running around, but had the experience to know how awesome that would have been, I might have.

memeShame: none. I will walk that 5k with pride in my spit-upped shirt. Though I might run through the colour spraying portions so that I can breathe. We’ll see.


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