7 Quick Takes Friday


The Olympics are addictive. I’ve been watching something faithfully every morning when I get up. I’m being exposed to sports I would never have considered watching before! Like water polo (holy carps is that game rough!). By far, football, diving, and gymnastics are my favourites to watch. Do you have a favourite that you enjoy watching most? I’m so thrilled the women’s football team is heading into the semi’s!


I have to go for a secondary glucose test to test for gestational diabetes. My blood sugar came back high, so I now have to do a fasting test (ugh, kill me now). I’m trying to set myself up on a limited carbs and sugars diet for the next week before this test in the hopes that it lowers my blood sugar enough that I don’t have to prick myself for blood three times a day to test my glucose levels.

The problem is that I get hungry. And all our snack foods have carbs as their basis. While I enjoy veggies, they don’t curb my hunger, which is a problem. I can be full and still be hungry. I don’t like this part of the pregnancy. I did have meats and cheese with pickles for a snack one day, but after about 4 slices of each, I took one bite and nearly threw up…apparently that only works up to a certain level. Anyone have great low-carb & sugar snack ideas?


My doctor has asked that I start my maternity leave on August 20th. One specific thing has caused this concern, but I am pretty healthy otherwise (except the glucose crap). No major concerns yet, it’s just to avoid the possibility of other complications arising. I am looking forward to being off, though it’ll take some constructive creativity to not go crazy with Spencer around so much more. We’ll have to find a good routine for us. Perhaps I’ll even get more food prep done, or house-organising. Speaking of which, is anyone interested in helping us get our house ready before the baby comes? It feels like such a daunting task…


Speaking of food prep, this has been a morning activity for me three mornings this past week. I have been loving it! It feels great to get an hour-to-hour and a half without Spencer around, making a meal to freeze for when the baby comes, while the Olympics have been playing (relatively) softly in the background. I have a list of meals I’m hoping to make by the time the baby comes. I just need to clear out our freezer, which is packed full of chicken bones. Why, might you ask? Well, we like chicken cemeteries in our freezer…don’t you? I may have been planning on making chicken stock for the past…7 or 8 months…so it builds up. Anyone want to help me make stock?

And my green onions! I grew them myself and they are beautiful!

I even used them! I baked some Savoury Bacon and Cheese Muffins with them. So good. Too bad they’re in my ‘don’t eat’ list for the next while…


So, I look like this:

but I feel like this:

That’s about all I have to say about that. Except I still have 2 months…


I had massage therapy today, and wow do I feel much more limber! When I was pregnant with Spencer I went for massage therapy specifically for my legs, which were extremely sore and tight from standing on them all day (working in retail), I thought it was great. This was a mostly full-body massage, which really loosened up my back a lot. The last few days especially it was getting tight, so it sure came at a great time and provided some much-needed relief! Hoping to go back for more in a couple weeks.


So, now that we’re a good way into the Olympics, I want to know what you think: will Canada get a gold medal?

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