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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


I am super filled with joy since the sun has been shining. Which is competing greatly with my exhaustion from kids. It’d be just my luck (and Andy’s) that both kids decide to have super big growth spurts at the same time, making one more loud and less attentive than normal and the other a change for the worse in sleeping patterns. *sigh* How else are we to know it’s Lent, right? Finding gratitude in these moments is near tearing me apart in my own spiritual growth. Perhaps it’s a good lesson on what it’ll be like with 3 kids, and if so, then I am going to be a wreck for the next year after May. Guaranteed.


IMG_2917She’s started using little voices to play with toys. It’s so cute. It’s a joy to watch her use different toys to interact with each other in their own little conversations (which, of course, are still all in Cassia-language and we don’t understand). I love hearing Spencer play this way with his toys too. One of the small little joys I love encountering each day.


IMG_2931This room. Our den. It’s getting a make-over. Later this year (hopefully sooner than too much later) this will become my office for aromatherapy. I’ve just hired an interior designer to come in and do a consultation for me with the intention that she’ll help me figure out the best way to have storage for all this stuff (sans computer) while making it look and feel inviting for those coming for aromatherapy massage, while also making it usable still when I don’t use it for business purposes (I’m not getting rid of the chalkboard I made last summer – the kids still like that area when they can access it).


2014-03-12 14.26.55We went to the Children’s Discovery Museum the other day. For Spencer’s birthday, we received a family pass and we have only recently been able to start enjoying it. The kids had a great time playing away there. Spencer was especially enamoured with the construction pieces (hard hats, vests, shovels, pylons, etc) for the longest time. Cassia liked best whatever Spencer was playing with. We will definitely be heading back there in the next couple of weeks.


Gestational diabetes. Blargh. I’m going for my second test tomorrow morning, which is thankfully a 2 hour test. I don’t know what else I would have spent that time doing. Certainly wouldn’t have normally considered a horrid sickly sweet orange-flavoured drink a great way to start my day, but hey, it’s OK to take it when medically supervised. I hate that flavour. At least I should be able to nearly finish reading The Hobbit. And it will be quiet and kid-free. Those two things are about the only thing I can enjoy about the experience, unfortunately. And my initial guess is that I’ll test positive again, and that this time I’ll likely need insulin to get through. With Cassia, I was able to manage with diet and exercise, but that was in the height of summer when it was gorgeous outside and I had a boy who enjoyed going for long walks and sleeping in his stroller. That is definitely not the case this time. While the weather has been improving vastly, I don’t think I can get out an hour a day for a well-paced walk with my two kids. Cassia is not as fond of staying in strollers, and Spencer’s isn’t a napping type seat anymore. They’d both rather walk, which is not at a pace that will lower my blood sugar. Boo. At any rate, we shall see what this test procures.


Things have felt really crazy this past week. I’m sure everyone else has more crazy on their plate, but I’ve felt like I’ve been scraping the bottom of the barrel. A big part of it is that I think I’ve perhaps conversed with Andy all of … 2-4 hours total this week (4 is really generous and counting time when kids are around). If anyone has read the 5 Love Languages, mine is spoken through Quality Time; being drained of having any quality time with Andy has been adding up. And between a crazy work schedule and the kids and their growth spurts, it just hasn’t been possible to sit down and chat about anything. I know it’s just a phase (everything always is), but it’s hard getting through it to the next phase. Certainly doesn’t negate feeling at the bottom of the barrel.


IMG_2935I cleaned our kitchen counter this morning. Just image that there is a space (perhaps you have your own) that should be used for a purpose (say, cooking). However, due to negligence, it’s grown into its’ own garden of mess, sprouting things up from the depths of crazy instead of being clean and used for its purpose. Yes, I killed it. I killed that garden and it’s now clean and I can use it again for a specific purpose. It took all morning while Andy had the kids at a library dance party, but I did it. I even sanitized the thing. I’m so proud of myself. Unfortunately this counter has a sister across the way that I’ll need to deal with too. IMG_2936She’s not as bad as the other side was (I don’t think). But it’ll still take an enormous amount of willpower to get it done. It’s so nice having a clean place. I could sit and stare at that clean counter nearly all day. That might be partially the exhaustion talking, but I’d still take it.

Have a good weekend, folks!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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  • hawaii52

    That horrid sickly sweet taste of the drink you had to endure reminds me of when you had to ingest ipecac due to your curious nature when very young, most likely you have no conscious memory of this event which is prolly a good thing!
    Never the less you still remember on an unconscious level and your body rejects it, rightfully so!
    Hope you and Andy do find some time together, the routine tasks that seem to have a life of their own at times may need to be tamed and deliberate conscious actions to “be” together might be found somehow!

    Peace be with you…

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