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My Superstore Adventures (delayed #7×7 post..with drawings!)


Unanticipated breaks are always welcomed without frustration, right? Wrong. Oh well. WordPress (whom we use for the website) had a major failure in something techy which meant our website was down for the majority of the week. I had already written a good chunk of the last post for the 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge, but apparently that was before I knew that the website actually wasn’t working, so it wasn’t autosaving like it normally does.

Superstore. If you’re not familiar with this grocery monstrosity, you’re likely better for it. It’s the closest cheap grocery store that is in our area, and it’s one of the three biggest grocery stores in the city.

I am not a weekend grocery shopper. I hate crowds and I hate even more when the store runs out of the food I need to buy. Due to bad timing on my part, I had to do the shopping on Saturday, and only while the kids and Andy were sleeping in the car. He said he’d text me when they started to wake, which was my cue to head to the lines. I did a ‘backwards shop’ meaning I started at the end of the grocery store I usually finish with because our main necessities that we ran out of were at that end, and since I had no idea how much time I had, we needed to make sure we had bread, milk, and eggs at the very least.

So halfway through my list, I got the text and headed to the lines. I still needed a bunch of things, but I could try to figure out another time to pick them up later.

This turned out to be Monday morning. Now, if you’re familiar with weekend shopping, you probably know that Sundays in general are really crappy days for shopping when you want to get everything on your list. But trying to do this on a Monday morning? Well, peeps, you’re lucky to find anything of use.

IMG_2906Me, not finding anything but mushrooms, which were not on my list. I got them anyway so I didn’t feel like a failure in the produce department. And that first sign means ‘assorted’, not ‘ass’ as Andy pointed out.

All that being said and done, I proceeded to the line-ups. Of course, there is only one til open, apart from the ‘speedy’ aisle (12 items or less) or the self-checkout.  This one til had about a million people waiting to be processed through, which seemed ridiculous as it was about 10am on a MONDAY morning.

IMG_2907Why aren’t these people working?! Wait…why am I even here? I hate lines and crowds!

After I had moved about 4 feet down the line, more tills opened (hurray! *cue celebratory music*). I thought we had been saved. Until I tried to get into a shorter line. People went a little crazy and though I didn’t draw it (I got lazy), the line for the two on the left went all the way back to till #20. I thought I was making progress when I saw a line with, like, 4-5 people in it until I realised the only place I could park the cart was the place that would block anyone from trying to access the aisles. And I don’t know what the people in-between the lines were doing – just taking up space? It’s almost like they forgot to change lanes somewhere. Truly, what the crap was the store thinking, when there are 20 tills, that they should open all the ones rightbesideeachother. Ridiculous! Traffic-jam-cart-crazy people were flying everywhere and looking defensive the whole time. And I was blocking traffic. At least I wasn’t fighting to defend my spot in line, but it wasn’t ideal all the same.

IMG_2908And the lady on the right in line apparently lost her arms in the race…poor girl.

Therefore, it is my desire to help prevent similar occasions from happening to you by arming you with knowledge that MONDAY MORNINGS SUCK at the grocery store. Don’t do it. You’ll have to go back at a later time anyway to get all the produce they didn’t have. Suck it up and eat crackers with ketchup if you have to. It’ll be more worth it in the end.

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