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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


Race day is tomorrow! So, this week I inadvertently took a *ahem* large break from my morning runs. So when I finally went out this AM to do it, I had a hard time of it. Shouldn’t surprise me, but man, 4 days without running really sets one back in stamina. Oh well. When I’m having a good day I can do it in about 45 minutes. Today was a bad day and I felt like I walked half of it, so it took 1 hour. Still 15 minutes less than when I started running in mid-August. I’m still game, though I think I’ll be exhausted.


I bought a new phone! I have loved the phone I’ve had for the past 3 years – a texting (non-smart) phone that has been exactly what I’ve needed. However, over the last month it’s quickly started degenerating and it is much more of a frustration than much else. And since I’m getting a new phone, I might as well get one that will help with my business stuff too, therefore, it’s a Google Nexus 4, and it is waiting to be picked up as I type. nexusAndy tells me some of the cool stuff that it can do. I’m looking forward to setting it up 🙂


It’s hot today. 31 degree high for today, September 13th. What do we plan on doing with the last hot days of summer? Likely sitting in a car doing errands. I pick up my race pack today, have a chiropractic appointment, need more coffee, and of course, I need to pick up my lovely phone. But the car is air conditioned and the kids are likely to nap. This will be a good day for me 🙂


Has anyone used Mod Podge before? I know I could just google uses, but I’d like to know if anyone’s had success stories with the stuff. I inherited some from somewhere and don’t have much idea what to do with it.


Cassia gets some crazy hair after mealtimes. What with her repeatedly pounding her hair with the remains of her meal, it usually takes some work to get it out with a wet cloth, and even then, sometimes it’s not enough. I wasn’t able to get everything out of her hair this time, but the sticky food in her hair sure made for a good hairspray substitute.


Does anyone have a favourite way to cook white, flaky fish or shrimp? We have these two items in our freezer and need to cook them up. My typical go-to for the fish is Fish & Chips but we’re looking for something a little easier and lighter. If anyone has some suggestions, we’re taking them 🙂


The Diocese of Saskatoon is doing a twitter campaign called #ibelievebecause for the year of faith. I encourage you to participate on Twitter by posting why you believe in Christ, or that which inspires you to continue in your belief today! It’s encouraging to see what people post! Even Audrey Assad is participating!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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