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36 weeks has never felt so normal! I admit, this may be because there’s nothing else in my history to compare it to. Yes, I’m officially 36 weeks, one week past the length for which I carried Spencer. This thrills me quite a bit! I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and as far as we can determine, there is still a happy baby in my tummy. My doctor is basically considering me at full term and no emergencies will be called on her behalf if I go into labour at this time. I’m not expecting that I will (baby seems pretty content), but it’s reassuring to know this.


One of the downsides to moving is losing things. One of the things I’m regretting not taking better care of was the list of names I had prepared for us to look over for this new babe. I realised two nights ago that we really had nothing to go from but memory regarding names we liked, so I’ve started the monotonous task, once again, of going through name books and highlighting names that stand out. I have to say, it’s one of those things that is a lot of work and a decent amount of fun the first time, but having to do it a second time because the first one is misplaced? Not so fun. Especially since I’m not remembering all the good ones.


Andy’s mother is coming up this weekend to help take care of Spencer for the next week! I’m very thankful for this and looking forward to her being here! I’m finding my energy is dwindling more and more during the day, which makes keeping up with Spencer harder and harder to do. Having another person around to spend time with him and keep me company will definitely help!


The shed. I mentioned in my last post that we had been trying to buy a shed from Rona. That went completely bust, as they couldn’t even quote me the lowest price advertised in the flyer for the thing when all was said and done. And then on top of that, the guy randomly asked if I wanted to include siding with it (which effectively doubled the price), which got me wondering…were they supplying pressure-treated wood for it? Oh, that would be no. No the shed did not use pressure-treated wood. So ultimately, we feel we can do a better job of it next spring with a DIY kit from Lee Valley; then we can make the adjustments we need from the instructions. *sigh* of course it was too good to be true. So until next spring, our bikes and lawn mower are going to look extremely state-of-the-art wrapped in a blue tarp under the deck.


We have a washer. And boy, have I been washing. The very nice plumber came Tuesday morning, at the time expected (even slightly earlier!), fixed the faucets and even attached the hoses to the washer. It was brilliant. We get clean clothes on demand now! Well, relatively; I still have to hang everything to dry, so I can’t just do everything all at once, but it’s so much quicker than the laundromat! And I’m sooo glad we have the washer hooked up and ready to go before baby!


Spencer has decided to give us a little gift before the baby comes: sleeping through the nights. He had been waking up at around 2am or so, then wandering into our room (often with some complaining), and then settling into his ‘Spencer-bed’ beside our bed (two warm blankets on the floor, basically). While this really was a minimal disturbance, he decided somewhere in the last week that he could manage until about 5 or 6am by himself in his bed. This has been glorious. I know it’ll change again soon, whether when Andy’s mom comes to stay or when the baby comes, or when my mom comes, I’m expecting it won’t last long, but I’m definitely relishing the sleep I’m getting now before baby, and this was such a nice, thoughtful gift from him 🙂


Since baby’s not here, I’m thrilled to have another weekend where we can work at settling into our home. There’s still a decent amount to be done, most notably making sure the living room is clean for Andy’s mom to stay and then finding space in the spare room for an air mattress for my mom when she comes. As long as Andy remains injury and sickness free, we should have a good weekend ahead!

What’s on your plate this week?

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