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7 Quick Takes Friday


It’s been an overly-adventurous first week starting our seventh married year together, but so far we’re all still alive. Andy decided on Sunday (our anniversary) that a great way to celebrate would be to attempt to cut off the end of his thumb. If you don’t know Andy, cuts are a regular occurrence, but this one definitely took some cake. And maybe some ice cream too.


While Spencer was at daycare this week, he contracted a something that really made a bad chest cough. Following the lead from other kids at the daycare whom seemed to have a similar thing, I took him to the doctor Thursday morning and it turns out it’s bronchitis. So consequently he is on antibiotics now. We’ll have to super up his pro-biotics once he’s done. Poor kid. Coughing so heavily while sleeping is not a fun thing to do.


I, on the other hand, decided that Thursday didn’t have enough excitement, so I took an emergency trip to the ER in an ambulance that afternoon. Turns out I ate something bad (my best guess is some of the eggs I had at breakie) which set my body on a course of repealing everything from its system. From between 1:45 and 3 (ish), I think I threw up about 8 times while simultaneously being weary about my other end. Once my limbs started seizing up and losing all feeling and control in them, I decided we should probably call in some others to this party. Therefore I received a lovely ride in an ambulance to the hospital. Well, it would have been lovely if I had even enough energy to open my eyes. Speaking of eyes, did you know that eyelids can sweat? No? I didn’t either until yesterday.


Our amazing friends Denise and Aron took the kids for the night (THANK YOU!). We had a couple other offers from family and friends, so a big thank you goes out to all of you for such generosity. And thank you for all the prayers. Laying in the hospital bed alone, I definitely felt that others were providing supplication on my behalf. It’s hard to explain, but I thank you for the prayers and good thoughts, they mean a lot to me (and Andy).


On a completely different note, I got new glasses yesterday too! You may not know it, but I have a nasty habit of losing my glasses. My new pair (before yesterday’s) I received a couple weeks prior my trip to Vancouver. I admit, this is the shortest time I think I’ve owned a pair of glasses, but 2.5 weeks into the trip they got lost (I think they fell out of my bag while on the ferry). So, when sent me an email saying they are having a ‘first pair free’ sale, I thought, ‘well, why not?’. I got the frames and the lenses free, paid for a couple coatings and the shipping (which was about $20 together). And the glasses are pretty awesome! I’m really happy with them. I’ve heard not-so-great stories about people not being happy with online purchased glasses, or having the lenses be the wrong prescription, but mine seem great! For $20, I’m more than happy! And even without the freebie, I doubt the glasses would have cost me more than $40 (lenses included), so I might just go back to them again. Sure beats paying premium prices only to lose the stupid things.


The airshow in Saskatoon is tomorrow. I took Spencer last year (with a friend joining me), but it felt horribly done. I’ve been mostly assured that this year should be much better, so I’m looking forward to doing that tomorrow!


I’m starving. If it wasn’t for a worry that it wouldn’t stay in, I’d be eating our fridge. IMG_2069

(because she’s a cutie)

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