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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt #sotg


Thank goodness it’s Friday. All the prep for Easter celebrations and then the amazing vigil itself has left us in recovery mode most of this week. And this will (hopefully) be the first weekend in about 2 months that Andy will be home for a regular weekend. I’m looking forward to the slow return of normalcy after all the sacramental prep that he’s been doing these past months. Just in time for baby, yes?


Speaking of babies, a huge congrats to friends of ours, Frank & Sharon, who just had their bundle of joy delivered this week! In my mind I thought their due date was closer to mine, so my initial reaction was, wow, was she early?! Then I just realised, nope. Nope, it’s almost May which means time has really just flown by quicker than I thought and this baby can come anytime. So excited to see pictures of their little one though. Andrew & Joelle – you guys up next?


I had my prenatal appointment yesterday and baby was in transverse position (sideways). Which has officially worried my doctor. The thing is, the night before, I’m certain baby was head down. And later that afternoon, baby was head down again. But this morning? I think baby tried to be breech for awhile. I’m pretty certain it was a head I was poking and not a bum that time. And right now? I think baby is back to being head-down. One thing is certain – this baby is a traveler and looking to cause trouble (already).


My ‘PANIC’ button was pushed this week when I realised the baby’s first due date is 2.5 weeks away. Mad calls to organise child care and back-up to back-up plans and making lists have been taking up good portions of my time. And looking over baby names. Cause apparently we hadn’t really done that together yet. And apparently babies need names once they are born. Next on the list is putting up the crib and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Cause obviously the baby is going to care whether the sheets on the crib are freshly washed over washed-before-put-away, right? Oh, and don’t get me started on my lack of food prep. My highest hopes at this point are that I can shred some potatoes and freeze them for hash browns whenever we want. If you want to give us an amazing gift, prepared food is the best way to tell us you love us. And we will love you for it.


It snowed again today. I don’t think anyone’s informed the weather that the planet has moved from its winter position in relation to the sun to its spring position. This winter has now pretty much been as long as last winter, which I thought would be the longest ever. Only difference (so far) is that last year had a lot more snow. I’m very disappointed in our planet’s inability to give me warmth in spring. If the baby comes and there is snow on the ground still, I might be very grumpy about it indeed.


Jennifer Fulwiler’s book is about to be released on Tuesday.

jennifer-fulwiler-something-other-than-godI pre-ordered it soon after it was available to do so (I can’t remember when that was – 1 month? 2 months ago?). I’m looking forward to it, and it sounds like she’s doing some pretty cool celebratory things over the next two weeks to commemorate this momentous occasion. Oh, the name of her book? Something Other Than God, which is available to purchase through (with free shipping, for you folks who are wondering). Also, if you pre-order before the 28th (in 3 days), you can get a free e-book from her too! While I was disappointed she didn’t take my suggestion of matching drinks with crisis-at-home situations for the e-book, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and had a number of good ideas from it. And if you start tweeting about the book, she’s claimed the hashtag #sotg for mentions, so be sure to be up on that coolness.


Another person releasing something new is none other than my favourite comedian – Jim Gaffigan. JimGaffigan_2-710x710

I have hardly enjoyed a comedian so much, as all his pieces about family and food are right-on-target with my experience, so I nearly end up peeing myself with laughter every time I watch it (comme ca:)Jim-Gaffigan-quote-e1365615343298His new set is called Obsessed and is being released Sunday night, available for pre-order on iTunes. While I’m not pre-ordering his newest, I might follow his live-tweeting about it, cause I’m sure it’ll be full of food references. And, well, I love food.

Have a great weekend folks!

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