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What can I say? Today has been, to put it lightly, trying. One thing to another to another to another and now, I wait in joyful anticipation of when Andy gets home. Thank goodness he had the foresight (unbeknownst to us at the time) to make supper ready-to-go last night, because I think I might have completely broken down at the thought of having to make supper from scratch tonight.

How many days a week do you feel like this?

Yesterday morning around breakfast time Andy decided to check on the state of Felicity’s up-and-coming mouth. It’s been months since we’d looked to see if she had any new teeth, and she’s generally been awesome at teething, compared to her older siblings. I had guessed that she might be teething again soon, but what I wasn’t prepared for were how many.

He confirmed she was in the midst of cutting (which refers to the teeth coming through the gums) two of her first-year molars and the other two didn’t look far behind. And he was pretty sure that he felt her incisors poking the gums pretty hard. So that would make…eight. Eight teeth. At once. I was pretty surprised. I commented, ‘Wow – she is doing absolutely amazing for having eight teeth coming in at once!’ which was true – she hadn’t made a fuss over anything, really. And usually one is enough to make a fuss over.

Well, not two hours later I made sure to eat those words and give myself indigestion. Agonizing. We arrived at the mom’s group we frequent and within 20 minutes Felicity was a completely melted down muck of muckity mucks. It would seem that the pain of eight teeth attempting to barge their way into her mouth finally caught up with her and she’s been pretty much miserable since that moment.

2015.06.24And yet she still would prefer to smile. Frozen veggies have been my best friend this afternoon. That’s all I got.

So. Eight. Would you prefer short-lived but multiple teeth emerging at once (and making the child and everyone around feel tortured) or have it slow, one or two at a time, over the course of much, much longer? I don’t know if I’m qualified to have an opinion at this point, being in the depths of feeling desolate. Cause right now, it’s not very pleasant at all. And the other two are acting exactly as a 5- and 2-year old normally do. Which is crazy and full of tantrums still.

But there is joy. There is, still, happiness. And I’m looking through all my “Happiness is…” pictures remembering that it won’t last forever. But it sure feels like forever in the moment.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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