Nine Months

Hurray! I’ve made it to the start of the 9th month of pregnancy as of September 1st! Joy! Here’s hoping this babe keeps baking until 37 weeks (at least)!

Our Labour Day weekend has been full, so very full. Between deciding to buy a shed (which may or may not be installed before winter) and having Rona not actually have the pre-made packages (or be aware that they were in the flyer), purchasing and installing shelves into our den wall, and spontaneously purchasing an upgrade of a TV which, it turns out, is twice the size of our current TV and seems to weigh that of a baby elephant, it’s been full.

We also headed out to a park today and enjoy the beautiful Labour Day weather – sunny and warm with a nice consistent and cool breeze. It was perfect for kite flying, so that is what we did. And we kicked the soccer ball. And, of course, Spud played on the playground. Apart from the TV not fitting in our car, it’s been a great day. Finished with burgers and fresh corn from the Farmer’s Market. The Mennonites make great corn. I highly recommend their corn (and their eggs are a good price too).

Back to the TV, have you ever purchased something and then thought, ‘What am I getting myself into?’ Well, that happened today. A couple days ago Andy and I had a brief conversation about our TV and how frustrating it has been that we cannot find a remote that works with it, no matter how many we’ve tried. So we talked about maybe getting a new TV, sure we could find something cheap on Kijiji that would fit our needs. Andy also mentioned that we might as well look for something a little bigger, given that we’re ‘upgrading’. Well, I don’t know if Andy took that conversation seriously, but I did. So I found something. $40, 36″ flatscreen TV. We should have at least measured how big the thing might end up being. Today we went to pay and pick it up (after testing the remote and picture), discover it’s also HDTV capable (huge plus for the price) and that it’s nearly the size of a bear. Huge thanks goes out to Aron and Denise, whom we are starting to stack up ‘I owe you’s to. They came to our rescue with a vehicle that could actually fit the beast, and Andy and Aron managed (somehow) to haul the thing up the stairs and into our living room. It currently sits on our previous TV stand, which Andy and I think is making a heroic effort in holding up this beast, even if it is a little weak in the knees. We might need a new TV stand soon…

Now it sits in (or should I say dominates?) the living room and I’m finding myself rearranging the whole space (including the dining room, which is open-concept adjacent) in order for it not to look ‘too big.’ I’m not sure if I’ll succeed, but we upgraded for the same price that we’ve been paying for new remote controls over the past 2 years for the other TV. That’s gotta be a win, right?

Have you had a ‘what did I get myself into’ event recently?

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