Booking It.

I have lost my habit of reading. It’s not that I don’t read; I do. But habitually, I don’t anymore. I used to have at least a hundred books on the go (how on earth did I ever remember what was going on in those story lines?!) and now I sit and stare at walls when not running after thems chil’uns or making food.

I try. I miss books. I miss the fun of a good story. I recently (as in yesterday) started reading The Philosopher’s Stone again. I’ve had on my kindle a heavier book that seems to be taking fo-evah to read and which I’d like to write a bit about someday (all about kids and attachment and craziness that freaks me out and will likely freak you out too [if you have kids]. In a good way, though. I hope). But my habit is lost. I’m hoping that at some point I’ll be able to remaster the habit, but for now I just mourn the loss of it and make do with what I can where I’m at right now. And I’m okay with that. As long as I can be a little nostalgic about ‘that time in my life when…’ before getting back to washing dishes and breaking up scuffles.

Motherhood. It never is what you think it will be. But it is enough.

2014-04-22 09.41.09Walking Andy to the bus stop in the beautiful morning sun.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Heidi

    I am always fighting to read. I’ve made it through 4 this year (I think). It’s tough, but I hold onto the hope that there will be a time when my kids are older and I have a little more time to sit and read a few pages. There WILL. 🙂

  • jane

    Anne, that’s a great idea, but I’m not sure if I can cope with taking something other than books out of a library at this time (*ahem* I may have $5+ in fines currently…). They cost me more in fines (I wish I wasn’t tardy in returning, but I have a hard time escaping it).

    Heidi, that’s my hope too. One day. One day, I’ll enjoy the freedom of sitting down with a book at nearly any hour of day. Until then, I’ll just waddle through as we make do (literally…I think baby dropped this week…)

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