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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


I’ve made it halfway through the 39th week. I thought things hadn’t really changed much, then I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Yeah, apparently that’s when my body’s like, ‘Hey! Let’s practice some contractions strongly now!’ Felt like one big contraction that kept getting tighter, then tighter, then tighter…then I’d stop, it’d slowly release, and we’d start all over again when I started walking. OI. We walked to church last Sunday and this certainly wasn’t the case then, so my body is trying to prep itself, apparently.

IMG_3049Even my extra-long undershirt is having a hard time keeping up with belly.


We have FINALLY had some beautiful weather this week! Wednesday was nice out but crazy windy. I took the kids to a park nearby, intending to stay about an hour but the wind was so gusty and cool that I wrapped it up at the 30 minute mark. It was Cassia’s first time (that she can remember) at a playground outside. She was squealing and giggling and having such a blast running around chasing Spencer and going down the slide. And of course she tried to climb up the ladder to the bigger kids area and got stuck. Spencer made friends with the other two kids who were playing there and happily ran around with them. It was nice while it lasted. I wish I could have lasted longer out there, but I was too cold. I’m sure that if I was cold Cassia was likely cold too.

Yesterday the wind wasn’t so nasty, so we spent the afternoon outside. I dug up an area near our fence so that I can (eventually) plant a garden in there. I’ve been fighting a massive ant hill near our tree. Normally ant hills wouldn’t bother me so much, but these are red ants, and they’re aggressive and they bite. I don’t want them around. So I spent a good hour or more digging and pouring boiling water on the pieces I dug up. That’s when I realised how late it was and that I really didn’t have the energy to be doing it any more that day. I feel like they beat me out. I need to find some type of ant colony killer in which I can still plant a vegetable garden around. Any ideas?


While we were outside I met, for the first time since living in this house, our neighbour across the street from us. I think this may have been the first time I’ve ever seen him (apparently Andy’s met and chatted with him before). At any rate, we chatted about general lawn maintenance, then completely out of the blue, he offered to rototiller the area that I was digging up. He was saying that he was going to be doing his garden area anyway and if I thought it might help he could just roll it over and turn up the soil in the area I was digging up. My thought: HELL YES! That is a ton of work that I now don’t have to do. And true to his word, while I was attempting to keep calm a little boy who had fallen into a late-afternoon nap, I heard a gas-powered machine outside our door. I went out when Spencer was safely out of the tantrum zone and found he had totally rototillered the space. I AM SO THRILLED! That would have been so much work. And now it’ll be much easier to turn in the compost and top soil into that soil that was there already. So happy! It sure pays to hang out outside occasionally. I guess that it’s a good indicator that maybe we shouldn’t be so introverted….we have good neighbours. It would be great to get to know them more. And not just for their cool tools and willing generosity.


I’ve been neglecting the kitchen again. It now scares me. Anyone want to come over and spotlessly clean it?


My nesting seems to have taken a back burner. Haven’t had any inclination to organise or clean anything lately. Oh well. I’m glad I was able to make use of it for the short time it invaded my pregnancy. I kind of wish that I had more of a nesting tendency; our place could sure use that motivation/help.


My wonderful husband bought be flowers this week. They are opening up so gorgeously! I love having fresh flowers on the table – it’s so … refreshing. 2014-05-07 09.16.28


My brain died. So here’s some pictures instead.

2014-05-06 17.23.31The tree branches stuck in the ground in the holes from the posts that previously held the other fence.
2014-05-06 17.23.54One of their more favourite activities – digging in the dirt pile. (Horrible picture of them though).
2014-05-05 16.00.10Cause she’s such a goof ball and loves sitting in the oddest things.
IMG_3043Our flower garden on the side of the house. Spencer gets his own area this year (in the middle).

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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