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The Unexpected Haircut

We woke up this morning to a surprise: Felicity had her first haircut! Well! We were quite shocked over this new discovery, as we hadn’t been informed of her desire to change. In fact, it turned out it was actually her siblings’ desire, and truly had nothing to do with what Felicity wanted (though, truth be told, she couldn’t care less).

2016.04.20 Funky hair cut collageSo…life is full of surprises.

Andy and I were quite angry with the older two, and yet, it just seems like it was bound to happen at some point.

Here’s hoping that taking scissors away for awhile and having thorough talks about it everyday for a week might help them remember that it’s not okay to use scissors for things like cutting hair (when you’re a child). *sigh* She had nice hair before…

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