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7 Quick Takes Friday #7QT


Today we celebrate Mary Magdalene, an amazing woman transformed by an encounter with Jesus. As everyone knows, she had been a prostitute and Jesus kindly brought her towards the light of her actions.


That's what many Christians believe of our dearest Mary Magdalene but YOU ARE WRONG Click To Tweet That’s what many Christians believe of our dearest Mary Magdalene but YOU ARE WRONG. Never has it been recorded in our Scripture that she was a prostitute and it is erroneous to believe this fallacy. Not like, mortal-sin erroneous, but an ignorant-venial sin type error. Please read some articles and history to help understand her prominent role in evangelization. She has received the title ‘Apostle to the Apostles’ for a very very good reason. And, well, Jesus showed up first to her, not the others. So there’s that too. And she was from a wealthy family and likely financially supported Jesus’ ministry. So, she was fairly awesome. Spiffy, even. I bet she’s cringing at those attributes I’m calling her, but she knows I mean well.


Swim lessons started this week and I don’t know how I always forget that the pool is about 50x hotter than outside with 100x the humidity. The essentials: kids love water, mama hates the hot.

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Summer kisses


We have been catching Pokemon with that app that has us Going places. Spencer loves it and is loving going for walks now. I used to fight with him over a presumed idea of walking anywhere, but this game totally has got him asking me every day if we’re going for another walk today or trying to negotiate how the day works out so that we can go play Pokemon.

Spence: Can we go for another walk this afternoon?

Me: probably not; you all have quiet time and I need to get some things done at home

Spence: What if we have short quiet timesĀ  and you can do all the cleaning while we’re in our quiet time?

Me: Who made you boss? This is my kingdom, child.

Or at least, that’s how things tend to go. Sometimes we get out again, sometimes we don’t. Today we go play soccer at the free soccer program in the city instead of playing the game. I think it’ll work out fine.


Our cheap deck umbrella is broken from a wind storm and now I’m reluctant to go outside and fill the kiddie pool without that much-needed shade. Perhaps we should bite the bullet and get another one, but what if it happens again? Does anyone have any longer-term solutions to deck coverage that won’t blow away in the strong wind? Cause it’s always windy to some degree on the prairies.


In line with that thought, I’m debating whether growing hops and trellising it over the deck would work. In the new Food & Drink magazine (now available digital! squee!) I’m told we can harvest the shoots from it and eat them similar to asparagus. And potentially in a couple years we could also harvest hops for our beer…anyone have good thoughts on trellising a deck cover?


Andy starts holidays today at 4:30. I’ll just dance a dancey-dance right now.

2016-07-21 11.18.52 - edit
Party at the splash park. With semi-closed eyes. Cause I’m so good with a camera like that.


We bought the kids a bunk bed from IKEA. With the optional trundle bed. We had been planning on making a set of triple bunk beds, but after Andy made his scale-drawings of the beds and the room size and it’s awkwardness, it turns out it’s easiest to buy a standard bunk bed and use a trundle for the third bed.

So all of this means that Andy gets his 2 weeks of vacation back to doing nothing rather than just spending it making beds. Win all around. Happy summer-ing!

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