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All About Felicity

IMG_5556It’s the 3rd-baby-syndrome, right? I haven’t taken as many photos of her as I have with the previous two, and I’m aching to be photographing so many of her cute attributes. By far, she has been our happiest baby. So full of joy and brimming with smile upon smile upon smile, she is definitely giving the other two a run of their money.

IMG_5557She’s started very lightly on solid foods; this time around I’m avoiding the cereals to start. My instinct is telling me to, and it’s backed up by at least three random articles that I’ve read (isn’t that how parenting is done?), so that’s what we’re going with. Mostly it’s my instinct that I’m trusting this time around. As I’ve been coming to learn, my instinct generally knows what’s best for our family so it’s a good place to start. IMG_5558She’s mastered the egg yolk. I tried her with avocado, but either I gave her too much to start with and it made a bad impression on her stomach or she has some type of sensitivity to it, cause she puked several times after that (on two occasions). So avocado is out the window currently. She’s had banana and a couple little nibbles of ground beef (not together!). That sums up her food repertoire. IMG_5559She has started crawling. It started the day my mum left after Christmas (like, within a couple hours), and she hasn’t looked back since. I’d forgotten how much self-entertaining babies can do when they learn to crawl. Recently I read this saying: ‘A mobile baby is a happy baby’ and goodness, I can vouch for its truth. She was happy before. Now she’s even happier. IMG_5566Unfortunately her dexterity in fine motor skills is extremely refined (more so than the other two at this age) and she does find every. single. little. pebble/crumb. Not that it’s increased my cleanliness of the place (that would be too easy). Nope, I’ve just worked on my mad-dash and have it down pretty good now. Occasionally the kids help out. And by help out I don’t mean that they remove and item from Felicity’s grasp, or pull something out of her mouth. Nooo, that would be heaven logical. They aren’t logical yet. But sometimes they do say, ‘Mommy, Felicity has something in her mouth.’ Or in Cassia’s case, she’ll spout ‘No Titi! No!’ and stomp in front of her. But it’s all help, right? Though I have been super-mindful of any little plastic bits on the floor (curse that silly broken wand that Spencer used to ‘cut up’ the bag of diapers! bits of plastic everywhere!) (but I blame Cassia for breaking the thing to begin with). IMG_5568
Perhaps you’ve noticed a theme with the photos. Let me assure you: I did not (completely) select only the photos in which her tongue was out of her mouth. This is, indeed, her natural pose, and has been since she had her tongue clipped in September. It is one of the cutest things about her and I love see it nearly every time I look at her. It’s just so darling on her.


It just won’t stay in her mouth. It’s ever roaming. It’s ever-adorable. It’s Felicity.


And in other news, this is all I had left of my Christmas chocolate before I finished writing this post:

IMG_5636I didn’t know Christmas chocolate could last this long. I have no idea what I did differently this year, but I am sure loving little Lindts in mid-January. It is delicious under every circumstance.

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  • hawaii52

    By the time the third child has come along, you are definitely getting used to the idea of what children are capable of and your thoughts and action have unconsciously been modified by experience, Felicity reflects this of course.
    Felicity is such a sweetheart and so happy happy happy!!

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