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Project Tuesday

I’m not time-unaware; I realise it’s Wednesday, but I didn’t do anything until today, so I’m not letting one day stop me from sharing my exciting news.

I’ve finally nearly finished this project for my new niece! Adam & Myrica – I expect to send it next week!(diapers and wipes go into these pockets)

I’m so thrilled with myself for actually for actually finishing it. The inspiration hit when I was downstairs doing some laundry, and I thought, ‘Spence is sleeping, why don’t I look over my material and see if I can find something useful for the project.’ See, the problem was that I was intimidated by the material I was intending to use for the strap. It was too flexible and thin to really stand the wear and tear that it was going to get. So I looked through my box of material and I found some jean. Well, that will hold up just swell, won’t it? Especially if I add stabilizer, I thought to myself.

(The change mat folded up to tuck into the diaper pouch)

So the jean is what inspired me to finish the project. All that’s left to do is add a couple snaps to close the thing (alas that I completely forgot to add a velcro tab to close the pouch, but at least I came up with another idea). Poof! Project done!

(This is what the final product will look like when it’s pouched)

Thus ends this long, long journey of creating my own pattern (even if it’s based on something else) and putting it together. I’m not confident I’ll attempt something like that again. I’d have to be pretty inspired to do so. I hope Adam & Myrica can make good use out of it. And I pray that my handiwork actually lasts the wear and tear of using it.

Any other projects out there?

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