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Saturday Garden Journal…on Sunday

My garden isn’t doing as well as I had hoped. Given that we’re about to move, I’m not too saddened by this. Next year will be different. Oh, the plans I have for next year. Already I’m planning how best to plot a garden that attracts bird, bees, and butterflies in amidst the herbs and veggies. And we truly are blessed to have a long stretch of south-facing lawn that will really benefit the having the sun all day. I can’t wait to get pictures and start planning!

My onions are doing great (they’re just green onions)! Sunflowers are rockin’.

The chives are, well, managing. They don’t seem to be thriving, so I’ll likely leave them this year and hopefully next year they’ll find their groove.

Tomatoes will be hit and miss, I believe. They definitely aren’t dying, but they’re taking a decent while to settle in and feel comfortable in their new digs. I might have to go find some tomato plant food for them to give them a kick.

I bought some parsley at the Farmer’s Market since mine died. I think as long as I transplant it soon, it might actually do very well. The trick is actually doing the work of transplanting.

That’s about all I have in my garden right now. Do you have a garden growing?

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