Saturday Garden Journal

I have just two containers (two pictures of each). I’m not going to pretend I know what I’m doing. I haven’t read up on how to garden, at this point I don’t want to cause that sounds like more work. We’ll see how these plants do.

I’ve planted tons of tomatoes; I wasn’t sure if the seeds would grow (there wasn’t a percentage on the package of how many one can expect will grow), and sweet peas, cause I love their scent. I’ve also got rosemary, thyme, oregano going (how can a garden not have them?), and my one true joy are the strawberries. I used the whole packet just to make sure at least some seeds took. I really want homegrown strawberries. Also there are chives, green onions, lemon balm and sunflowers.

We’ve decided to stay with containers for growing them to maturity. It might be a little tough, but I’m certain we’ll make due 🙂

I’m joining with Ginny at Small Things in her garden journal; I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep this going. Do you have anything growing this year?

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  • Jenn

    Fair play to you kiddo! I went nuts with my first ever garden last year – planted 12 brussels sprouts plants, 6 cabbage plants and 6 purple sprouting broccoli along with lettuce, sage, parsely, rosemary and a window box with 4 strawberry plants. We got a huuuuuuuge downpour about a week after and the only thing that survived was the strawberries and there were only 2 berries! Hopefully this year I have more luck. Thinking about doing more brussels sprouts and lettuce but in pots this time 🙂 Looking forwad to how your garden grows 🙂

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