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7 Quick Takes Friday – On Monday

I just -knew- this post wasn’t going to happen on Friday!


I have planted a million seeds! OK, I’ll admit that’s an exaggeration. But I have planted many of them! And many of the many are sprouting! It’s strange to believe how much excitement I get out of seeing little sprouts! The seeds that seem most keen to grow are my sunflowers. They are making progress like I didn’t expect. I think the seeds that I’m most hoping to have success with are the strawberries. And get this – even though they’re a weed, according to the instructions on the package, they’re the most fickle of all of my seeds. Oh how I love home grown strawberries!


This week is going to be busy. I am having my THINKfast retreat this week, and I’m expecting a lot of teens to come out for it! It’s exciting and nerve wrecking at the same time. There’s a lot to do, and as always, it always seems like there’s too few hours/days to do it. Asking for prayers that it goes well!


Cheese making is next on my list of things to do. Inspired by Josee and her desire to attempt cheese making, and also based on her book recommendation (Artisan Cheese Making at Home), Andy and I will be venturing into cheese making this year. I’m not sure how far we’ll get with it, but I’m excited at the prospects. I’ll be honest, while reading the book, I definitely felt like it’s one of those crafts that is calling to me. My problem is that there is a lot of that happening (ex. Bread making, body care product making, laundry soap making, garden food/herb making, wine making, etc). Is it wrong that it feels so good to be doing it, though? Even if I complain along the way?


Our main home computer is nearly back to its normal self. While I was away on conference Andy informed me that our hard drive died. While putting a kink in our skyping abilities, we are thankful that it was still covered under warranty. It’s now taken nearly a week to receive the hard drive, transfer the files, double check all files are present and not corrupted, and wipe the previous drive to send back to the manufacturer. I’ll be thrilled to be back to my regular compy soon. Not to mention how much I miss listening to music.


Spencer is more of an avid reader than Andy and I combined. While it doesn’t actually mean much to put Andy in with the equation, I am continually perplexed at how much Spencer wants to have books read to him. While I love that he loves it so much, I must admit that I am tired of hearing myself read the same books over and over again. Yes, we do frequent the library. Those books seem to get read nearly as much as his regular books on our shelves. Maybe God will bless us with a person who is ever so fond of reading the same books over and over again.


It’s raining and cold out. I miss my sunshine.


Our kitchen is a disaster. I’m going to make a small attempt at it in a moment, but I doubt it’ll stem the tide. *sigh*. Can one ever win?


Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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  • andy

    #3. To be clear, *I* ventured into cheese making 2 years ago. Once. And it was a total success, even if Jane refused to touch it (because she was pregnant).

    #5. I tried to come up with something in my defense, but couldn’t. The best was “Hey, I’ve read in the past!” It sounded pretty wussy in my head. I’m hoping it’s a little better when typed.

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