Project Tuesday

I’ve decided to spur on my own projects. Tuesdays I’ll post what project I’m working on with a little description of what’s going on. Be forewarned: I may not progress on projects every week, but I do hope to post about them every week! Or I might just take on something new…

First project: I made myself a jewelry hanger. I bought some cheap-ish fabric and some wood dowels (is that even the proper way to use that word? First time, folks…) and voila!  Well, I may have hung onto the fabric and the wood for a few weeks before deciding to actually do anything with them. This is sort-of what it looks like:

You might noticed the large blank area above the earring holder; that’s where the necklaces will eventually go. The picture on the left is the necklace holders that I’m attempting to make. They’ll be folded again and sewed across, then pulled through to make a cord type looking thing (which will eventually have a button and a button hole to hold the necklaces). In retrospect, there are easier ways to do that, but when I had an hour to work on it my first thought was just ‘get it done!’ not ‘think it through!’ You might be able to tell that things weren’t thought through by the non-symmetrical lining up of fabrics and sides. No matter, I can hang stuff!

Second project: (no picture yet) I made legwarmers! I actually just finished them last week and I’m working on another pair now, so that’s my second on-the-go project. I’m hoping to knit Spencer a stocking while in Regina next week with my sister-in-law, who I regard as very experienced in the knitting department. Very excited!

What are you working on? Do you have projects that take forever too?

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