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7 Quick Takes Friday


Has anyone read the book The Rite by Matt Baglio? Or even seen the movie that was based on the book? Through Jennifer Fulwiler‘s 7 Quick Takes today I clicked on  the website for The Nun Blogger, Sr. Anne Flanagan. In one of her posts she linked to a great interview with Fr. Robert Barron, the man who has given us the Catholicism series of videos and blogs at Word on Fire. He was speaking on our understanding of devil/evil/etc at work in our world. I had forgotten that I had read The Rite (to some degree; I mean, it was quite disturbing), and this reminded me of the reality of evil in our world and that yes, sometimes it can become physically apparent, though it is the least used of all of the devil’s tactics. I liked his explanation that one way to discern where the devil’s work and to see where the devil might be at work, is to look at disunity, or separation. God gathers, God brings unity; the devil separates and brings disunity. His analogy of the painted picture ‘Preaching of the Anti-Christ’ by Luca Signorelli in Orvieto Cathedral and how creepy it is that the devil’s arm looks like it’s the Anti-Christ’s arm, is just the picture we need to understand how the devil works in this world. The power of suggestion, the lure of our ego, ultimately, temptation. It’s been a good reminder to continually evaluate where my intentions are arising from and discern properly and take the time to talk with God.


Is anyone lucky enough to be at the Catholic New Media Conference? Or have online access to the content? I’m anxiously awaiting reviews and stories from the blogs I read about how cool it is. I would totally love to be there. Maybe one year!


waiting for the train to start
sitting on a reindeer for the Carousel

Spence and I ventured to Kinsmen Park for the first time today. Probably the last until next year too, as the rides close as of Sept. 3. They have a train that runs a little track (which Spencer truly loved) and a Carousel as well. Both need a ticket, which costs $1. An adult can ride free with a paying child (how trippy is that concept?). It was nice and affordable, and we had a great time.


Had a bit of a pregnancy scare this week when I woke up Wednesday and had some bleeding. Of course, it reminded me exactly of how Spencer’s birth panned out, which happened on the start of my 35th week. Thursday (yesterday), I started my 35th week. I had initially planned to head to the hospital, but a lucky call to my doula (thank goodness), provided a better route – call my doctor first and try to get in. She’ll be able to tell if it’s just spotting or something that should be looked into further. I’m so glad we have someone who can help provide options when I’m panicky! So I saw the doctor, who said that my cervix is still closed (already a better situation than when I got to the hospital with Spud), but there was enough blood to warrant a trip to the hospital for fetal assessment. She called ahead for me. Knowing that my doctor didn’t seem terribly concerned, we opted to have lunch first. Our doula met us at the hospital not long after we arrived. It was quite boring (5 hours tends to get that way), but finally they determined I could go home. Ultimately, it was either preterm labour, in which case I’ll continue bleeding (and if I do, then I need to return), or it was a random membrane that burst and things will settle down. Happily, it’s now been nearly two days later and things are definitely settling down with no more bleeding! Thanks for those whom I contacted and whom offered prayers on our behalf – they were much appreciated! It seems that both my doctor and the obstetrician who saw me believe that this baby will be coming on the earlier side of full term, so we are preparing as quickly as we can now!


Speaking of preparing, one of the things we are hoping to have before winter hits is an outdoor shed. I found a great one on sale at Rona, but the problem is installation. They are booking installations for  Spring 2013. Well, that certainly doesn’t work for what we want. So if anyone knows someone who can help us out, we’d appreciate it! The sale is only for Sat & Sun morning, so time is of the essence here… ;).


The leaves are starting to fall of a number of the trees. How did Autumn arrive so quickly? I’m definitely in the mood for Autumn, which is my favourite season. The crisp mornings, still-warm days, colours of the Fall…it’s all so wonderful.


I’m finally starting to plan my garden for next year. I’m quite excited for it, though it’s going to be a long journey, one way or another. Mostly because we can’t afford everything all at once. I’m expecting to have corn, though, which I’ve never grown before! I’ll provide more details as I come closer to figuring it out.

Have a lovely long weekend!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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