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Of sunburns and feta (the post that was meant to be Wednesday’s)

Spencer is definitely learning to take off, though at home he still prefers crawling. I am starting to believe it might be due to the lack of space…he seems to like big, wide areas to walk in. We went to Tulipfest yesterday and oh my! The tulips are a-bloomin! We had a picnic lunch on the grass and enjoyed the many, many people who were visiting the flowers and beautiful weather like us. There were even many dogs for Spencer to sign at. While I managed to think to put sunblock and a hat on Spencer, I failed to protect myself. I don’t know what I was thinking – something along the lines of ‘it’s still spring, it can’t be that bad,’ but oh let me tell you, it is that bad. And it was a very very foolish thing to say to myself. So Spencer emerged unscathed. I, however, might have a shoulder that looks like rare beef. Well, it might not be that bad. But it might just be that bad. I can’t decide. One way or another, this will most definitely be the only sunburn I will receive this year. I managed last year without a burn (as far as I can remember), I can now proceed knowing that yes, indeed, it is hot summer weather out and I need to prepare better for it.

The tulips were nice though.

We had a decent dinner tonight – leek, feta & chicken pitas. I think I need to adjust the seasoning, and possibly change up the cheese a bit, and maybe add some more/different veggies, but it was ok. Basically I might need to completely redo the recipe in order for it to make a great tasting meal for us, but that’s not bad at all. I hadn’t even considered doing pitas for us for dinner until this recipe came along. It does remind me of how much I enjoy feta though :). Nice feta cheese with some olives (kalamata, of course)….mmm..such a tasty combo! Have any of you tried anything tasty lately?

Video. I have video of Spencer walking. If you are on facebook, I am attempting to upload them there. Apart from that, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to miss out on it. My camera’s battery died while we were out so all I have apart from 2 photos is video from our trip.

[singlepic id=1125 w=320 h=240 float=center]

He’s not sure why I’m taking a photo, apparently.

[singlepic id=1126 w=320 h=240 float=center]

He was enjoying playing with the lid to our food.

[singlepic id=1127 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Spencer at least liked the idea of eating a raw leek. That is, until he actually got a taste of the juice. Then it was thrown to the floor.

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