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Boxing Day. Catapult Style.

Spencer had a thrilling day today putting together his catapult with Andy.

And then we played Yahtzee for the first time with him, which he completely loved.

Getting ready for the roll
Headsmack for missing the full house.
Learning how mistakes can be sometimes used elsewhere (eg. highroll).

Looking Back

This little girl fell sick with the flu on Christmas day. Was sound asleep on the couch while shows were being watched. Poor little sick cutie. Still had a fever today, but was going down by the end of the day.

Wearing her new ‘Pinkie Pie’ My Little Pony sweater over her Christmas dress…She looks so cute in the sweater! It has a mane and ears…
She loved her turkey leg 🙂
Going for seconds.
The hero of the meal – my mom. She made most of what we ate (except the broccoli – I made that one).
Hero of the after-meal – deboning the turkey and keeping the bones for turkey stock.

And I did make the turkey stock. It’s currently cooling in the bain marie. Which is the sink.

And tomorrow, it might be a turkey soup day!

Merry Christmas again, enjoy the rest of your second day of Christmas (turtle doves!) and tomorrow, as well (French hens! What’s so special about them being French? Anyone?).


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