According to our calendar, it is only 2 months until Andy is done school for the summer. It is also only 2 months and 7 days until we fly to Regina for the start of our 6 week trip. I can’t believe how much time flies, even when it feels slow some days.

Spencer, as of tomorrow, is 3 months old. It’s been a crazy ride with him, and we’re still learning a lot from each other. Both Andy and I are constantly amazed at how he grows so quickly, and how much has changed since the day we brought him home.

The day we brought him home

Today at the Tulip Festival

Spencer now smiles often, focuses not only on people, but also his toys, he’s trying out laughing at random moments, and he’s just over 11 lbs.

He is still such a joy for us, even when our arms are sore, our sleep never seems to be caught up, and there’s been at least one incident of poo on our clothes recently. To be able to journey with him as he discovers what it means to be alive is really amazing.

This weekend I have the 3rd installment for my Youth Ministry Certificate program. It will be a long weekend, as I go from 9am-6pm tomorrow and 8am-4pm Sunday. I thankfully received an extension on my projects from the last course; I haven’t been able to do any youth ministry in my parish since having Spencer, and the projects require practical work and reflection.

And lastly only 27 days until my birthday! I’m already contemplating the things I’ll want to enjoy. Good food is one of them, and if the weather’s nice, probably a day in a park.

Here are a few pics from our venture in the park, more are in the galleries.
Andy and Spencer amidst the tulips

Our picnic supper

Spencer worried that the tulips’ll bite

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Adam

    Oh it looks like he has some good lungs in the last one. I heard something about it “raining” on your picnic too:P hehehe thats funny. Holy crap! 6 weekvacation. I wish I got 2 months off. You guys are living a pretty nice life with the summer off paid. I can only wish.

  • Andrew

    Awesome photos Jane! How time flies…already three months old. I hope to be able to see you guys when you are here in the summer. I’m sure I can make it happen.

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