Was one month until my birthday!
So remember to commemorate my birthday in some way and let me know! Like, have a drink for me, or enjoy a sunset, or buy me a car, or plant a flower. 😀 All these are acceptable ways to celebrate my birthday with me, even though I will not be with you. Go ahead. No one’s gonna watch ;). Though you’ll need to tell me about it.

In news, it’s cloudy and rainy type weather outside. But that’s not fun. What was fun, however, was going to Catalina Island with the Gr. 6 class. It took me until the last day to figure out the names of the kids (there was only 9 of them!) in my small group, and I was able to figure out about 7/8ths of the girls in my cabin. And not just applying the name to the bunk, but actually to their faces! So I still have some work to do in that area, but it was a really good chance to get to know them, and they’ll be going into Gr.7 next year, which is the beginning of Jr. High Youth Ministry at the parish, so I think it’s a good thing. Really good thing. And they’re not completely busy with everything in their lives yet..anyway. That’s a rant awaiting to be opened. It won’t be today. They’re pretty good kids though. But the coffee there sucked. Like, completely sucked. I put in one of those little International Delight creamers (individually wrapped type dealies) and that was all I could taste, so it was like it was flavouring warm water. It was brutal. But they had Earl Grey tea there, so I got my caffeine fix from that instead. And they need bigger cups for the adults. They had these small styrofoam ones that barely heald a gulp. *sigh*. oh well. It was a good trip otherwise.

And to end, here are the pictures that I took! Enjoy!


1-3. From Long Beach Harbour
4. The Queen Mary
5. Port Los Angeles
6-8. Views of Catalina from the ferry
9-11. Views from my cabin of Fox Landing bay

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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