Happy happy, joy joy!

It’s soooo nice here still (Victoria), and that’s even more complemented by the fact that I change my age officially today, and my smallest cousin here has drawn me a birthday card already (he’s so cute, and he even spelled my name right!). Anyways, it’s beautiful outside and I’m going to try to not get burnt again today (it’s record weather here on the island).

Oh, just to brag a little (not that this is something new), but my aunt and uncle own a Porsche 944, and I get to drive it today! I am so very excited beyond words. The power that thing holds….I envision it all now…driving along the coast, roof window open, salty air blowing through the car, music blasting…oh yeah, that’s a nice picture. My uncle and two oldest cousins picked me up in it from Campbell River and we drove to Victoria in it, it’s a pretty sweet thing and packs a powerful ride.

(that’s their car!)

Anyways, I’m on my way out to enjoy the sun a bit, hope you all are doing well. Travis, congrats on your order of lector that’s going on. Hope you have loads of fun. Catch y’all later!

-Jane, the wise.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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