Hot Summer Days…wait, it’s Fall…

The good news is that we haven’t been hit by a falling satellite. Even better news is that even though it’s officially Fall now, it is so darned hot! Today is a high of 33 degrees. It’s September 25th, people! I think Mother Nature forgot that Fall is meant to prep the ground for Winter.

Last week I had the chance to meet up with Kat in Yorkton. She was in Winnipeg visiting with family for a wedding, and had a day free. So we met at the ‘halfway’ point. It’s not really halfway (by about 2 hours difference :S), but it worked well enough. We had lunch and supper there and were able to catch up. Not only was that a treat, but she also brought me a 2kg bag of cheese curds from St. Albert cheese factory in the Ottawa area. Hurray! They still squeek! This stuff is gold! And I bought new shoes. And I bought us perogies from St. Gerard’s parish (reputed perogy makers in SK).

And now it’s Sunday. It’s been a loooong week, as Andy and I basically worked last weekend (we were introduced at all the Masses and I gave a 3 minute talk on youth ministry). I’m so glad we didn’t have work to do this weekend. Well, I did have to finish my homework for my CCYMS, which is due this Tuesday. Nearly done.

I am looking forward to the end of this month, but I am finding it hard to believe that it’s nearly the end of September already. In one more month, it’ll be Hallowe’en. And my mom is coming to visit! Hurray! She has bought Spencer a dog Hallowe’en costume, which looks adorable. It’ll be a good month. Even if it’ll be busy.

What has your September been filled with?

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


  • Adam

    Ooh Sounds like a good September.

    We had a busy September also. We were at the demolition derby the labour day weekend for 10 hours on sunday and 11 hours on monday with the fire department for fire suppression. The next weekend we had a swift water rescue technician course with the fire department in the bulkley and the telkwa rivers. Thats was for both saturday and sunday. The next weekend we had to do hose testing. We charge the hoses to 400PSI for 5 minutes to make sure they will hold in an emergency situation. We do it annually. Then this weekend we had an open house at the fire hall yesterday for the public to give people a chance to see what we do and interact with us and have some hand on experiences with the hoses and equipment. We also did a live burn and extinguished it. Went pretty well. And today, we had an auto extrication practice where we cut up cars with our JAWS (not our teeth, but our JAWS) and did a dummy situation with actual people in the car that were “injured” that we ad to extricate them. We got to cut the roof off over them and deal with it like it was a real situation.

    So safe to say its been a busy couple weeks with the fire department. I’m also gearing up for my political campaign to be come a councilor in Telkwa, and Is-a-belly and Myrica are doing great. Myricas parents are hear this weekend for a visit. They came out for the weekend.

    Hopefully now our life can calm down just a little bit so I can recoup a little and get right back up to 100%. Looking forward to the roast tonight.

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