Well, I am currently sitting in the living room of our hotel room we’re at for Andy’s conference. For whatever reason, we were given a room with a king sized bed, 2 flat screen TVs, and a beautifully sized room with balcony. And a bathroom with 2 types of shower heads and wonderful smelling soap. In fact, I might take their soap. Ok, I did take the soap. And stole one off of the housekeeping cart as we walked by. This has been the most luxurious room we have ever been in, and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Hotel Room

Our luxury room!

Feather king-sized bed!

So comfortable!

So while Andy’s been at his conference, yesterday I drove down to Hamilton with Spencer to visit Peter, an old friend from high school. I got to meet his L’Arche household that he is living with, and enjoy supper with the crew. We also were able to make a quick trip to view one of Hamilton’s waterfalls, which it is apparently renown for. It was, indeed, beautiful, and the scenery and trails reminded me a lot of BC; it was really nice. And Spencer viewed, for the first time, a waterfall, though he’ll never know it. But I have pictures to prove it. He fell asleep pretty quickly once we arrived at the waterfall; Peter thinks it was the sound of the water rushing over the edge of the cliff.


Trail to waterfall




Today we head (hopefully) to Waterloo to visit Ben & Christie and the kids. Apparently the oldest has a fever, so we’re waiting to hear what it might be from before heading there. We have been looking forward to this visit for awhile, though.
Well, that was just a brief update; I’ve added more pictures of Spencer to his album, there’s some of him smiling and on the verge of laughing. Enjoy!




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