It’s Going to Get Busy

Wow! It’s Hallowe’en and November is almost here! Where did the time go? We have been busy, but November will be a super-busy month for us. Well, especially me. Every weekend is nearly booked with something or other.
I am super excited at the opportunity to finally do the Youth Ministry Certificate Course, which will be offered in Ottawa for the first time ever, starting the first weekend in November. It’s a 2 year program of 4 weekends a year (I believe). I attempted to start it while I was in the states, but stress prevented me from actually doing much with it or completing the assignments. I will be taking it with the coordinator for youth ministry at the parish I am working with. That’ll help some with the motivation 🙂

Andy’s parents are coming to visit us the first and second weekends in November, which will be great! It’s been 8 months since we’ve seen them last, so it’ll be nice to spend some time with them. Though I’m wishing for better weather than severely windy & rainy for while they’re here.

Also, it’s Andy’s birthday on the 14th!!!! Yay!!! Party!! Good food!!

And we start our pre-natal classes on the 14th, with the second session the next Saturday. I’m very much looking forward to that, as I’m hoping that it’ll alleviate some worries I have and help provide some skills for getting through the labour.

Youth ministry at the parish also has several events in November, including selling Caroling Cards (yay! super excited!!), and ELF Day (taking care of kids while parents go shopping), and a Family Event (mass, movie & potluck!). Whew! SO much going on this month. I’m glad I started my homework early. Speaking of which, wwsGfm?

And today is Hallowe’en! Andy, as some of you may know, is going to be Blue Beard – he’s dyed his beard blue already, and we have a great array of pirate-like clothes for him to wear. We’ll definitely get pictures, and hopefully Andy will figure out a way to upload them to our site (as our site has decided it doesn’t want to recognise when I try to upload them). I’m still trying to decide what I want to be for my costume. I have at least one idea in mind, and hopefully it’ll work out. 🙂

That’s about all from us. Sorry, no pictures yet, but we’ve been trying! Will update once we figure out how to get them up again. Hope you have a fabulous Hallowe’en!!!

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