My Apartment!

So I finally got around to taking some non-high quality photos (with my phone camera) of my apartment, so we’ll see if you can string them together in your imagination.

1. This is a picture of my bed and the beginning of my bedroom. These are taken in a kinda 360 degree way, so picture it that way if you can
2. The end of my bed, the window, and the closet (which I cleaned out rather well today, if I don’t say so myself!)
3. My closet wall that has my niiiice mirror (only $14!) and my bookcase that needs to be filled up.
4. This is my wall of travel, it has all my travel tokens on it, and the door in the middle is to the bathroom.
5. The door from my bedroom into the living room
6. Turning left after leaving my room you come near face-to-face with the front door
7. My grand windows to the right of the door and my futon!!! Yay futon! That’s what you guys’ll be sleeping on if you come visit me!
8. Turning still, you come to the opening of the kitchen (see the refridgerator I bought? And I think you can probably see the back door there too…
9. And now we’re coming back to the door to my bedroom! Those are my nice, full shelves. They have Harry on them! And theology. And stuff. And things.
10. And this is my lovely kitchen. Nice and roomy.

That’s about all, folks!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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