Blast From the Past and a New Adventure!

Perhaps some of you may remember this place:

Thanks to the PG Diocese website for the photo (Frank, Sharon: I really liked the pic).

This photo is even before my time. Probably more along the time of my mom when she went to O’Grady. The chancery office isn’t even there yet! nor the science wing! anyways, it’s a cool picture. (and the chapel isn’t even there yet, and that was old!).

So concerning a new adventure, yesterday Roberta and I decided that we wanted to go shopping. I was trying to figure out some thank you gifts I could buy for a couple people I’ll be staying with in Edmonton as well as something new I could wear to convocation. So we started by heading up to Reitmans by the Wal-Mart (which used to be the area where the chancery was, which would be the top left of the picture of O’Grady). On the way, we noticed a couple cop cars, and since a former teacher from O’G had become a cop, we peered in to see if one was him. Neither were. Then another cop car came up behind and that wasn’t him either, and we started to become curious why three cop cars were heading up to College Heights without their radar on. Our curiousity became the best of us and we decided to follow them. Yep, follow in close proximity.

This we did, and just past the turn off to Reitmans, one of the cop cars flicked his lights on and pulled a U-y in the middle of the highway, which really made us curious. So we continued, and another cop car sped past us and the ones we were following with its lights going wild! We figured something might be happening that would be fascinating to watch, so instead of turning back as we thought we would have, we kept going. Past Bon Voyage Plaza, past the West Lake turn off, and just over the hill as we were entering the construction zone, we found what we had been looking for: easily 7 or so cop cars within the area, some with lights on, some without, but cops running around everywhere, looking like they were trying to get stuff ready or organise something. Luckily it was a construction zone, so the speed limit was only 50km and we got to see a bit of the chaos. There were two cops who kept our interest; they seemed to be where all attention was diverted to, and one was holding something that looked like a game points board, but it was beyond us what that could mean. So shortly past the kerfuffle, we turned around to go back, and more cops had arrived. Some were congrugating between cars looking talking seriously with each other and keeping a wary eye on the scene around them. We passed them by and Berta recognised the thing the cop was holding was actually the tire poppers they use when stopping someone! So we were planning on turning around again on the next available street, but all the roads were blocked with police cars! They had set up cars at every escape route after the initial police nest, and we felt very awkward turning off onto a street and pulling off to the side to watch and see if anything happens. As we were driving away, we had noticed that they stopped traffic from moving as if they were about to pounce, so we waited with eager anticipation. But nothing seemed to happen. Then the cops got into their cars and some started driving back to the city; one or two headed back towards the nest, so we went back to the nest too. At this point in time, it occurred to me that Roberta had a camera on her phone, and we hastily got that out and clicked a couple times. They had pulled over a huge truck with a trailor tailing behind it, but there was nothing happening. There was a cop who seemed to be chatting aimiably with the driver, but there was nothing that indicated that there was any need for so many police or the tire poppers. We drove past and saw nothing, so we turned town a side road and started heading back to the city, left in confusion and lingering curiousity about the need for such an operation.

Yup, that was our adventure. Then we went shopping.

Hope you’re all having a good day! Peace,

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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