Happy Christmas -and- New Years!

Happy 2006 everyone!
Do anything exciting? Visit lots of people? Chat and be merry? I watched a movie (Alexander), and it was okay, but nothing special. I also rented Hitch, so I’ll have to watch that today.

So, it’s Monday, the second of January, and it’s raining heavily. And it’s raining mist. And sometimes it’s not raining at all, but it sure feels like it is. So it seems that when it rains here, it really rains. The water on the side of the road by my place was draining its way down the hill, and the stream of it flowing was as wide as the car that was parked there, which is a lot of freakin’ water! I’m glad I’m not at the bottom of my hill, cause that’s a lot of water to have pooling by storm drains. What if they backed up?! Anyway. There’ve been a couple floods in the north (of Los Angeles, maybe? Or some other subdivision in that area?) because of that reason and high tide coming in at the same time as the storm drains flooding over. Up to 3 feet deep in some places. One guy I was talking to said a number of years back the flooding got up to 7 feet deep, the year after he and his wife moved from that area. Yech! Can you imagine?! That’s a lot of ocean water and sewer-y water.

So, I spent Christmas with Colette and Pat this year; Colette is the elementary school principle at Our Lady of Fatima school, right across the parking lot from my office. My mum and I stayed with them when I first came down and was searching for a place to live. It was a nice Christmas (they bought me a toaster!), and their two children were home, so I got to meet and hang with them as well. The week after Christmas we went out to their house in the desert, which is just south of Palm Springs. That was a beautiful house located in a beautiful area. That’s where the pictures I’m featuring today (like, that? I’m featuring pictures!) were taken from. Except the Christmas Tree one, that was from Colette and Pat’s place. Some of you may have received these pictures already, as I sent them just after Christmas soemtime, I believe. Anyway, the orange tree was just outside the window of the cottage I was staying in (the summer house had a cottage attached to it for guests), and it’s a mandarin orange tree! So I had a couple of oranges from it (they weren’t in my stocking this year, but actually picking them from the tree was just as nice). The pictures of the golf course were taken from their back patio, which opens up right onto the course. It was gorgeous.

Anyways, I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and an awesome New Years. Let me know how things are going! Andrew – Celia: I know your birthdays are sometime in January here, could you give me a reminder when? Thx.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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