Holy Carps Batman!

Hello all you people up in the freezing north!

I’m currently enjoying some awesome sun (though I wish you all could share it with me here) and in my new office, which needs a large overhaul in its appearance. It’s looking like we might be able to swindle a couch to put in here. And hopefully a smaller desk (this one takes up what feels like half the room). The people here are very amazing and very supportive still; it’s been really great so far.

I’ve now applied for my SSN, which should take 2 weeks, they told me, I actually found my SIN card (which I had lost) which was rather a nice coincidence, even though I didn’t need it for the application.

And on another awesome note, I think I found a pretty darned good apartment! It’s rather daunting, San Clemente, as the base price for most apartments is $1,200, which is roughly half a month’s pay. In fact, I looked at a studio apartment that was no bigger than my room in Prince (smaller than a seminary room), and it had a bathroom, shower, stovetop (no oven) and a sink, and that was $900. Lucky for me, my mom and I went to a rental place to see what listings they had, and right behind the main street there was a place for lease that was a one bedroom, had a decent sized kitchen (nothing too spectacular), a nice enough bathroom (with a bath in it, rather than just a shower), awesome windows that face the ocean area (and therefore get lots of sun), and rosemary bushes just outside of one door (yes, there are two doors), and a lemon tree growing on the front lawn (that I won’t have to mow!). It feels pretty perfect. And it’s both within walking distance of the parish -and- the beach. Woohoo! And right behind the main street, but it’s a quiet neighbourhood. Close to a lot of things. -And- it’s less than $1,000 rent a month. Mind, i have to purchase an ‘apartment’ fridge, but I figure it’s worth it.

Anyways, that’s my update so far. The people here are really awesome, and I’m really glad to be working with them. What else…it’s awesomely sunny here!!! Only today did we get a glimpse of what the smog-like weather can be like, and that was in the evening as the sun was setting (over the ocean, need I to remind you all ;))

So, it’s exciting to be able to say that I’ll have room for people if they decide to come and visit me!!! (Please, please do!!!)

Anyways, I need to take off, but comment and let me know how you all are doing!!!

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.


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