Woohoo Waterloo!

Isn’t that a cheesy title? Yeah, I’m proud of that one :).
So we are currently visiting family in Waterloo – our first official trip in the Ontario region! There are a ton of wineries on the way down. We’re going to try to keep track of the wineries we pass on the way home. Visit them later on. And apparently Sleemans has a brewery just up the road from where we’re visiting, which is also pretty sweet. We’ll have to check that out sometime. Probably not on this trip, but definitely sometime soon.
So things are definitely going well for us so far – we’ve moved all our stuff into our apartment. Okay, Andy moved the stuff into the apartment with the movers while I was happily lazing in Langley. However, I am mostly unpacking. Things are going slow primarily because the property manager hadn’t managed to get any repairs/maintenance done on our unit before we moved in. So we hope that they’re finally finished now, and we can have full use of our apartment from this point on.
The cable still hasn’t been cut from the previous tenants, so we’ve been taking advantage of that. Watch, now that I’ve said that, when we get back it’ll be gone :(. Ah well, it’s a nice free luxury while we get it.
Not much else has been going on. I really enjoy working at the Reitmans in St. Laurent, they’re great people and part time is enough time in retail for me.
Over all, we’re doing pretty good getting settled. Hopefully we’ll get everything unpacked and set up soon – one of the bigger problems we’ve noticed is that none of the rooms except the dining room and kitchen have light fixtures, so we have to purchase them to light up the rooms. Before daylight savings time happened, it got pretty dark quickly and we had no lamps in the rooms to unpack by. However, we now have more light in the evenings and we have 2 lights in our bedroom now too (thanks to an Ikea sale) that we can move around. At any rate, we’ll get to unpacking. Apart from lights, we’ll need bookshelves sometime relatively soon. I’m hoping to start a 3 year summer program this year, and I’ll need some room to unload my books for it.
Anyway, that’s our quick update from here in Waterloo. We’ll be back Monday or Tuesday to unpack more of our mess. Hope you’re well!

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