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My previous two pregnancies didn’t have much-to-do with nesting tendencies before baby came. Things are mostly the same here with this newbie on the way, except for today. For whatever-forsaken reason, I -needed- to do 6-7 loads of laundry and completely attempt to organise our downstairs landing.

To be clear, I usually shy away from doing house work at the best of times. Laundry piles up. Boxes stay put until by necessity (or insanity) must be moved/organised. Typically this type of stuff is not chosen by yours truly to engage in. Today, there was no way I could not choose to clean that landing. Hence why it seems a bit of an anomaly in my typical routine.

Unfortunately I haven’t any ‘before’ pictures. This was likely an unconscious self-preservative motive, as showing that much of my crazy to the public world might just put me over the edge. But in the process of sorting that landing area, I ventured out of norm and entered into something I don’t normally choose. I attribute this to pregnancy nesting.

IMG_3004This is clean, folks. Get used to the idea.

This landing had boxes piled upon piles and more boxes. The box in the corner is actually empty except for a bag of garbage. This box, folks, had previously hosted a plethora of items from our previous car, which we sold over a year ago. Now that I’ve thrown out the junk, I’m making Andy sort through the ‘keeper’ box while the kids have a bath.

The boots box in the picture will go into storage as soon as we wash those boots and re-apply the ‘keep the water out’ stuff we have somewhere. I might delegate that one too *ahem*.

The white box in the green grocery bag is Andy’s stuff that he’s scared to sort through cause it’s crap he doesn’t use anymore but holds to himself sentimentally (for no good reason, in my books). It’s not even pictures, or nostaligic items, really. It’s computer parts. Ones we don’t use and likely won’t. Everything else in the picture is basically slated to be given away. This nearly truly leaves this landing clear, which it hasn’t been since June 22nd, 2012 (our move-in date to this house). So I’m thrilled that this nesting thing actually did something useful.

Oh, and while I was sorting all the boxes that were there, I came across a box that was filled with winter/fall/spring jackets for Cassia. I was a little overwhelmed when I read they were all 18 month size (what she’s mostly fitting currently) until I realised I could just give the majority of them away. So that’s what I’m doing. Then Cassia saw them and -had- to have one put on. Then she plopped herself down in front of the front door and whined at me cause I wasn’t letting her outside. Yeah, right, babe. Not when I’m in a nesting kick. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen (apparently). Oh well. After about 30 minutes she allowed me to take the jacket off and hang it on her hanger. I think she was also overheating, which wasn’t helping her mood.

So now I’m all curious if this nesting thing will hit again before the end. Will I make meals for when the baby comes? Will I actually focus on cleaning another room? Will I completely turn the den into my aromatherapy office? Or will I, like usual, sit on my butt and attempt to forget that housework exists in this place? I’m guessing the latter, but I’ll keep you posted if that’s not the case.

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