Pinterest Project – Vol 2

I found a recipe for low-carb muffins on pinterest. Truth be told, I found several, but I had to start somewhere.

Double Chocolate Muffins


IMG_2974These were mine. The recipe is simple, which I love. But the final product just didn’t quite meet my standards. Since this is my first time baking low-carb, gluten-free without a pre-mix, it’s entirely possible that my standards are too high. As I continue baking, I’m sure I’ll figure out if that’s true and whether I need to lower my standards.

I didn’t use Truvia for the sweetener because I didn’t have any, I substituted in 1/4 cup agave instead, which, now that I know what Truvia is (a stevia swetener), seems appropriate. And I used the optional 2 tbsp of chocolate chips.

IMG_2976The first problem was trying to take the muffin out. It stuck really well to the paper. In fact, I had to use a knife to scrape off a good layer of the muffin from the paper. I’m glad I used paper inserts rather than greasing and flouring the pan, cause I don’t think they would have come out. As they cooled more, it got a little easier to remove the paper, but I still felt like I was losing a decent amount of the muffin to the paper.

IMG_2978The second problem was two-fold. First, when I tried to spread butter on it, it crumbled like crazy. I hate that. I don’t like muffins that crumble that much. And the second part of it is that the butter tasted terrible on the muffin! I have never experienced this before, so it was super surprising and extremely disappointing (cause I love me some butter). I’m still rather shocked that butter did not taste good with this muffin. My best guess, at this point, is the yogurt that is in it somehow made it taste off. At any rate, if you find yourself using this recipe, I do not recommend butter on it. Some coconut oil might be good, but save the butter for something better.

Overall, I don’t think I’ll use this recipe again. Spencer ate it and seemed to enjoy it, but his palate isn’t as discerning as mine is yet, and I don’t think I’d enjoy eating this type of muffin again. Pinterest = fail (this time).

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