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7 Quick Takes Friday #7qt


Andy made me watch Three Amigos. It’s…well…totally Andy’s style of movie. Very similar to Galaxy Quest, but less sci-fi and more western. It had it’s moments, but I don’t know if I’d choose to watch it again, unless I was negotiating for something I’d get out of the deal.


Preggos. 29 weeks down, peeps, 11 more to go. This is what it looks like from (just over) my height:

IMG_2897If it looks like we don’t clean it’s because we don’t. Well, not exclusively.


I will be at the Mommylicious Trade Show with my business, Mama Knows Best, on March 16th! I’m super excited about it – if you’re in Saskatoon, it’s FREE to attend, there will be give-aways and deals from everyone, and there’s a kids play area too. Set some time aside and head out to the Travelodge for an hour or two! I will be having some specific Trade Show sales available only to attendees, so make sure you stop by if you come!


Spencer has finally taken the plunge and started not freaking out in the pool at swim lessons. This is HUGE for us! He has been struggling since starting the lessons in January with not having this crazy weird out-of-the-blue phobia of being in the pool (especially when not holding onto a big person or being near the edge), and I finally feel like he’s on an upward swing with it. We added an extra bath-time during the week (we are not the type of people who bathe our kids every night, in case you doubted) with a very full tub to help him practice (prices for swimming at the pools in Saskatoon are OUTRAGEOUS compared to other cities we’ve been in!). I don’t know if that specifically has been helping him, but I like to think so. He can now swim the full length of the YMCA pool (which isn’t terribly big – think smaller gym) with a noodle and not flip out and try to drown himself. Big progress! We are super proud of him, and I think that’s also helping encourage him lots too.


I have to say, after running a 5k in September, I’m not feeling so hot in the ‘active’ department lately. The last month or so I think I’ve likely been averaging about 3-5000 steps a day (yikes!). When I was running in the mornings to prep for the 5k, I had about 8000 by 7am! I think my body is feeling the lack of exercise, which is only contributing to my lack of energy lately. Winter blues, go away! It doesn’t help that it’s minus a bazillion outside so I can’t even go for a walk with el kiddos without feeling like I’m putting out very lives at risk. And we obviously can’t afford a gym membership to walk in a place where it’s humane to do so. I’m a little stuck with where to go with this one.



Baby has not yet turned head down. This will start to concern me in about a week’s time. Just you watch. I ain’t want no breech baby (oooooh, how’re the grammar nazis doing with that ‘sentence’??). If baby hasn’t turned, I’ve been looking into some safe ways of encouraging baby to do so…hopefully baby isn’t stubborn. Not like a little girl we know in this household. Though I am pretty determined to not have a c-section. We shall see how this ensues. *cue drama scenes*


As I mentioned, it’s minus a bazillion outside. Tonight is supposed to be the coldest in this cold front. So that means, and I quote, “Overnight low temperatures tonight will fall to near minus 40 Celsius in most areas, where even slight winds will generate wind chill values below minus 50.” Celsius, people. This ain’t no southern Fahrenheit warfront. This is Canada. And, more precisely, the prairies, where there is effing wind.

weatherOf course, this meant that my best friend’s move date is tomorrow (thanks Kate). Thankfully I’m taking the kids to a Parent and Tot Trade Show (I won a free ticket!), so we will be cozy. But that husband of mine needs his fingers still, Mother Nature, so be kind. He changes Spencer’s poopy diaper when he has an ‘accident’ before we wake, which I am eternally grateful for. I don’t want to be dealing with that…crap.

(And as a side note, joyful prayers for two good friends who just had their baby boy arrive today!! Welcome to our world James!!!)

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