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Vancouver and I

We have a history, you see. It was here, in the old Children’s Hospital, that I was born. There are aspects of this place that are definitely a ‘home’ for me. Like the mountains, the sea, beaches, and yes, even the rain. It’s funny, but it feels like it rains differently here than anywhere else.

The kids and I all arrived well and relatively happy (We had one really long 12 hour day. By the end, we all were crying) and quickly made a home here in my mom’s place that she generously offered to share with us. We’ve been doing a lot of relaxing and some fun trips here and there. Our first week here was really hot and sunny. This week has started off rather dismal, but as I said, even the rain seems different here.

We have one more week before we start our trek back to Saskatoon, with one stop in the Okanagan to visit some friends. In the meantime, here are a few highlights.

IMG_1692A nice walk by the river. IMG_1699Which could not be complete without throwing rocks into said river. IMG_1735A family get-together for burgers and a lovely afternoon. IMG_1729Which included ice cream, of course. IMG_1741A morning at a playground. Cassia was tired. IMG_1755This girl’s first intentional food – avocado. She loved the idea of it, but couldn’t get over the texture. She’s now on puffed kamut and is enjoying that tons. Probably because she’s also teething and can gum it pretty good. IMG_1761Greater Vancouver Zoo with friends. The Mighty Turkey. IMG_1775The Cheetah, who became interested in the world upon hearing the sound of children. Yummy. Good thing there’s a fence or I would have been forced to show off my mama bear. IMG_1808Tuckered out at Beak Creek Park. IMG_1800Beautiful magnolia trees in bloom! IMG_1817Playing with some artwork. IMG_1848My “little” girl’s new favourite thing to do. IMG_1834Loot from our US trip. Oh, how I’ve missed Trader Joe’s.

Loving God through my family, friends, and interactions in my world.

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